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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Locations of MGB V6 conversions worldwide (NOT V8)

Please take a look at:


FOR BOP/R V8 ONLY: please look at the V8 thread
"Locations of MGB V8 conversions worldwide (NOT V6)"


Please add yourself if you own a car that is currently going through or completed with a V6 Conversion.

Its quick, easy and very neat to see! It will also help to be able to claim yourself as the first one in your area or the guy to see.

It simply asks for your zip code and your name (I used my shop name) and it adds you to the map that easy. No "mucking about".

In the "Shout" area, mention which displacement you have- 2.5, 2.8, 3.1, 3.4, 3.8, 4.3 or whatever.. just that simple.

Have fun!
BMC Brian McCullough


"Locations of MGB V8 conversions worldwide" has got the Ford V8 crowd covered as well. ;)
Carl Floyd

Okay... As long as people post their motor used, it aught to be good. Interesting watching this and seeing the cars show up as well. Brings a little realism to things knowing that some of you aren't just figments of my computers imagination.... or are you? :-)

Also, Not really meaning to bring this into more or less a "Race between V6/V8" although is sort of is... its more of an interesting point to see where they are located and far easier when they are divided into the two "camps".

Already left a message in the "midget General" and "supercharged" sections of the board that someone aught to start one of those for the current subjects on registry or who uses this board.

BMC Brian McCullough

MGB conversions only? How about Midget or MGA conversions, do you want those listed as well?
Bill Young

List the "Other" British conversions. MGA, Midget, Sprite. Even TR6 Just make sure to list them on the proper V6 or V8 spots. If you got a ford V8 or V6, those should be listed out as well, just make sure to let us know what it is.

Besides Bill, the V6's will need all the help we can get. :-)

BMC Brian McCullough

Neat idea Brian! It will be interesting to see where all of us V8/V6 afficionados/freaks reside:-)
Mike Maloney

If you cannot get on the list or cannot see it, just try back later. I have noticed that they have had some issues with the servers, presumably they have probably overloaded their servers.

This is the same issue with the V6 and V8 lists.

BMC Brian McCullough

Brian- As you know, I'm still finishing up my 90* V-6 3800 swap. When I try the link, I get a "Frappr" map and a message that the conversion site is unfindable. What am I doing wrong, I want to register and be a star? Vic
vem myers

Now Go here:

They switched things around a bit at the site so the above link just takes you directly there now..
BMC Brian McCullough

Both V8 and V6 sites have had very good turnout.

Current number are
45 V8 cars- 10 in Europe and Australia and the rest in North America.
35 V6 cars in North America, the majority of those in the USA with a hand full registered in Canada.

There are 6 registered V8s and 3 registered V6 cars are in Canada.

I have not checked for possible double names, but presume everything is about right. Also pretty interesting to see geographical location of the vehicles. Note in the USA and Canada where most of the cars are of which sort.

BMC Brian McCullough

so the big question remains: if someone has a v12 jag motor in it, would that count as 2 v6's?? 1.5 v8's?? which catagory does a non v6 and non v8, other than a stock mgb motor register in??
james madson

It counts as Six Vee-two Wisconsin Motors improved with water cooling... Wait, Sconnie motors were also water cooled too!

Are the Jaguar V12 a 60 or 90 degree block? Anyone?

BMC Brian McCullough

Jag V12s are 60 degree engines.
Carl Floyd

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