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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Locations of MGB V8 conversions worldwide (NOT V6)

Please take a look at:


FOR V6 ONLY: please look at the V6 thread
"Locations of MGB V6 conversions worldwide (NOT V6)"

Please add yourself if you own a car that is currently going through or completed with a V8 Conversion.

Its quick, easy and very neat to see! It will also help to be able to claim yourself as the first one in your area or the guy to see.

It simply asks for your zip code and your name (I used my shop name) and it adds you to the map that easy. No "mucking about".

In the "Shout" area, mention which displacement you have- 3.5, 3.9, 4.2, 4.6 or whatever.. just that simple.

Have fun!

BMC Brian McCullough

This sure makes it easy for the "Gone in 60 sec Crowd"

But I did add mine, after all I'm insured.
Michael S. Domanowski


Already thought of that... But you don't have to add your name, email address or anything. Thats the reason i like it. You can be discrete or sending out whatever info you want.

BMC Brian McCullough

I changed the appearance of the V8 map so you see most of the world... with the exception of those poor fellows down under. They have to look for themselves.
I guess i will change it again if someone down under puts their pin on there.
So far in about 15 hours, we have 8 on the V6 side and 13 on the V8. I hope to see at least 50 of each when all is said and done.

BMC Brian McCullough

If we can get 30-40 V8'ers to come to an event, surely we can get more than 50 to post to a map.

There's 50 V6 conversions out there?! Wow! I had no idea.
Carl Floyd

I am aware of over 100 kits that have been sold plus others who have created their own plus other styles that are not listed or known about.

My estimate is that there are over 200 out there. Most probably don't even know this board exists.

BMC Brian McCullough

You don't want the factory V8s ?

**Add the factory V8's as well..

As of the moment, there are 16 V8 Conversions (worldwide) and 18 V6 Conversions in North America.

There are two names on the V8 list which were accidentally added twice. We will get around to deleting those later when i figure out which ones to delete.

With the support/network of the V8's, I figured that the V8's would have the V6 outnumbered 2:1 by this time. All you V6/V8 guys, email your friends and ask them to join the proper boards... Lets fill the maps!

If any mistakes are made, let me know so they can be corrected.

So far: V6
two 4.3L 90 degree V6,
a couple of FWD aluminium head conversions,
Most are RWD iron head
one Ford 2.8 V6
and a I6 4.0L Jeep
(two MGA, one midget- rest MGB)

So far: V8
3 Ford 302's
the rest look like converted BOP/R's
(one MGA- rest MGB)

I am not counting multiple cars per owner. If we did that the scales may tip again.
BMC Brian McCullough

I was wrong. The shout section reads names multiple times whereas the list alongside does not!
Tied 18:18
Sorry about the incorrect posting.
BMC Brian McCullough

Is it possible to view the map without "subscribing"?

It should be. They have been having some issues on that server though so it is possible you are hitting it when it is down.
BMC Brian McCullough

Well looks like mine was somehow a double post. I apologize for that.
Michael S. Domanowski

would like to send in pic's & register on map but to shook up to even list my location //e-mail add.//full name on any of these sites.(even this one..)have had big problems,, many ,many, strange e-mail's had to change add.& phone # recived strange & harrasing calls,,,had antispam & anti virus through network provider and on my own through norton ( did no good at all!!!)computer was hacked,,did full sys. recovery twice ,,a week later computer screwed again .local friend ( we e-mail each other alot) got his computer too ( I assume thru mine???)had to buy new computer,,it's a shame would like to share & recieve more info. about my car and other peoples cars,,but too many scum bags with nothing better to do than hack sites & screw with people..I might add that the guy at top of this thread with the making it easy for the gone in 60 seconds crowd has a very good point!!! I wouldnt put anything past them....sorry if I'm being overly pessimistic,or cautious, but please be careful with your possesions be it e-mail, home addresses,phone#'s,car,,,,I'll have ta see ya at the car shows.......

It shows yours as a double post, but not in the members list that i have access to, so you are only registered once as a member which is the important part.

I agree. I would rather not post my first/last name and location, thats why i only posted my first name/ screen name and location.

Also, what are you guys talking about? Seriously, what is a computer virus? Spam I understand, but please tell me what a computer virus is and what its like to have one. I own a Macintosh, so i wouldn't know.

BMC Brian McCullough

Guys, they switched things around a bit.

Now Go here: (If you have not previously posted there)

They switched things around a bit at the site so the above link just takes you directly there now.
BMC Brian McCullough

Not sure i qualify... just bought a B to start with... first step is to sell the existing 4-cylinder motor (w/weber & stainless header), trans, & rubber bumpers... then get to work on the engine bay. Planning to do a Ford 302 at least for now.

Come on you V8'ers!

I know we can do better, 'cuase I personally know of more that are not represented here.

Brian, I have some pics of of a few of the owners cars that didn't post a pic. Is there any way we can add the pics? That is, if it is okay with the owners. Steve Carrick, Mike Moor, Berney Posey, Graham Creswick??? And, I'm sure I have a better pic of Jim Blackwood's creation. ;)
Carl Floyd

Sure, why not add pics? I dunno how to add pictures afterwards. I think you can just add it to the shout sections, but the system seems to remember who registered from what computer, so i dont know the complications to it.

I know of one or two V6 guys here in MN and a lot more all over the country who have not registered. Would love to see more people register on both boards.

As far as cars/owners that are in the "planning stage", I would say you probably should not register until you have at least bolted a motor With gearbox into the car. That makes it so you have to physically remove the old driveline and be committed by having both the motor and gearbox. At that point, most people don't turn around. There are a lot of these that get started and never finished.
BMC Brian McCullough

By all means, you can add a picture to my file - it's probably better than anything I have.
The downside to all of this is that I won't be able to view it since the Corporate IT watchdogs have blocked access to this website since I posted details.....guess I'll have to get up and running at home!
Graham Creswick


I'll be glad to, as soon as I figure out how. I'm not sure I can add a pic for someone else. The administrator should be able to do it. Of course, when you get set up I could email you the pic and you can just add yourself again. It should display the most recent addition.
Carl Floyd

LOL, mgbconversions?? how did that poor misguided step child get in there Kelvin??? is that how it came from the factory?? jim
james madson


I figured that I would post the other side of the "before" picture. As in, "What is the best performance part to bolt onto a TR8?" Answer " An MGB!". Take one badly mauled TR8. Remove all the parts that make it slow and unsightly. Add a nice looking 1978 MGB with aerated engine block. Wave the magic wand and say the incantation. "MGB V8s are more fun" Voila!

KJ Dodd

I have tried to enter my details several times but keep being told that my city is invalid. I have tried both London and my postcode with no success. Please advise what I am doing wrong.

Kevin Jackson.
Kevin Jackson

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