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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - looking for MGB roadster V-8

I'm an enthousiastic owner of a mgb roadster, 1968 model.
The car is in good shape, because it had a full restauration a number of years ago.
I drive this car for three years now, but I prefer a V-8.
In Holland they are rare and too expensive to buy.
I have two option:
- buying a complet other MGB Roadster V-8 in the color Old English White or Pimrose Yellow (the colors we prefer) in England and sell my car in Holland
- or bring my car to England and lett built in a V-8-engine and all that is neccessery to make it a safe and reliable car. My car has a value (on the Dutch Market) of EURO 12.000,- (I think...).
Perhaps someone can help/advise me?

Martin Foppen


If you do not intend to carry out conversion yourself you will need some quotes. Try Maidstone Sports Cars in Kent or Cox & Perry, MG Motorsport, Frontline - They may all have cars for sale as well.

I will also give you a contact for a Dutch Owner who has just had a LHD conversion carried out.

Paul now I know where it came from...

Basically this is a cost calculation, but having your own car rebuild to your own standard of course is a good thing: you know what you have and you can spec it your way.
But it seems to me that the earlier the model of donor, the harder it is to carry out a conversion. It is true that most British cars seem cheap, compared to Dutch cars. But a conversion raises the costs. A not-original V8 has an advantage however, in that it has provisions for both LHD and RHD. Original V8's are way harder: they have absolutely nothing. If you own one, and you look at the RH side and think that there is a tunnel under that plate, forget it.
Basically I hear stories of people with converted V8's that always have some trouble and have found their own way of doing things. But when those people sell their cars you will also buy their trouble; some of it that you just can't discover until fully take the car apart.
The other route that is not mentioned here is buy a Californian shell from a reputable dealer in the UK and have it build your way. Perhaps with Sebring wheelarches (Doug's pics are making me want one) and Frontline's 4.2 EFI engine? Hoyle suspension (just kidding)? Toyota 5 speed? Choosing right components means you can do it on a budget.
Only other choice to stay original but drive in the fast lane is one of those tweaked MG C's. Though for that price you could build a V8 as well.
Perhaps Paul has any thoughts?
By the way: there are a number of V8's for sale in Holland (, that range from 13.500 euro's to 17.000 euro's. All GT's, even a LHD (converted). Originality still rules in the Old World.


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