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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Losing weight

Hi all

I have recently started sprinting my GTV8 and would like to shave off some weight (to the car that is).
Bumpers/fenders have gone, plastic rear springs,Fibreglass bonnet/tailgate/Perspex, rear seat gone.
Dont want to change the steel wings as they are perfect. Would really like to keep the apearance of a road car but lighter.
Just put her on the weighbridge 994kg with 1/4 tank of fuel.My manual says the standard car is 1108kg.
What else can I do without, or lighten?
Anyone got any tips? (apart from slimfast).



Mark Rawlins

Use one 12-volt battery rather than two 6-volt batteries if that applies to your car. Swap your spare for a can of fix a flat. Replace your MGBGT V8 road wheels with lighter weight wheels. Replace carpets with floor mats. Save a couple of pounds with plastic headlights. Ditch your nice MG valve covers and use tin Buick valve covers instead. How far do you want to go?
George Champion

Don't know if this applies to your car, but later model B's here in the states have very heavy doors as they have a crossmember in them. Earlier cars have much lighter doors.

Glass, all interior trim including passenger seat and the rear deck - then those heavy wings !
Roger Walker

Underseal and sound deadening. Also sunroof, especially full length version.

My racer weighs in at about 1020 kg with bumpers, all glass and steel tailgate.

Dave Brooke

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