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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Lower spring seat

Has anybody fabricated front lowered spring seats. This looks a fairly easy welding job to add some brackets to move the seat down 1" and may be a better option than shorter springs or an addition to shorter springs?
b bourne

Brian, haven't seen anything like this on a B, but did see photos posted at one time of an adjustable spring seat made for a midget which allowed height adjustment. Wouldn't take much change at the spring seat to make a good size change in ride height. I'd guess that a 1/2" change in spring seat would give about 1" change at the wheel.
Bill Young

I made a set of deeper spring pans to see how I could lower the front ride height this way. I made them about an inch deeper and then added aluminum spacers to make the height adjustable. It did work but I ended up just fitting lowered springs into the original pans.
Martyn Harvey

For lowering an RB car it sounds like it could possibly work but at least on the CB cars the problem will be that when you lower the car you need a higher rate spring for the suspension to absorb the same impact in a shortened distance before you hit the bump stop. That's the short answer. But with stiffened shocks it could possibly work. Bump stops are the best when they only do their own job though and not that of the spring.

Jim Blackwood

I made some for mine. I needed to lower the front of my 73 only about 3/4", it sat slightly higher in the front after I moved the motor back. Since most lowering springs drop it more then that, I figured deeper spring pans was the way to go.
It's actualy fairly easy to do. I cut the bottoms off with a cut-off wheel. Then using a length of 4" diameter black pipe, cut two ring's 3/8" or 1/2" long (I dont remmenber which now). Then weld the whole work's up, grind it smooth. Once they are painted, you have to look really close to tell that they have been modified.

Because of steering geometry, and the fact that the spring is in-board. You make your spacer rings shorter then the actual number of inches you want to lower the car.
bill jacobson

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