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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - LT77 Gearbox

Interested in comments from others using this gearbox.

The gearbox was stripped and rebuilt at the time of the engine conversion with new synchros, and I am now experiencing a baulky change into second gear, worse when cold and the occasional slipping out of 4th gear on a light throttle and on overrun, this may be that the lever is obstructed and needs additional clearance to fully engage, but that could be wishful thinking.

Kevin Jackson

My boot around the shifter was to tight and it would pop out of 4th. Denny

I had problems changing gear ,especially wnen cold from st to 2nd with my Jaguar 5 speed LT77 Gearbox, I dumped the oil and used oil I bought from a website.
DIFFLOCK - 5 speed box oil change.

Regards Simon
SCJ Connolly

It could be the lever fouling the tunnel cut-out - its pretty close to the back of the hole on most conversions I've seen. Its certainly worth a look. As to the cold baulking, I know these boxes work better with certain oils than with others. What are you using? I think I'm right in saying Castrol SMX-S is highly regarded by V8 users. Somebody correct me if this is rubbish!

Mike Howlett

I am currently using ATF in the box as recommended by the gearbox rebuilder although he did say that if the car was going to do a lot of miles then gesrbox oil would be better protection against wear but would make for heavier and baulkier changes especially when cold.

I am going to fit a new trim kit shortly which includes a new gearlever gaiter so will have a look at the clearance issue then and make sure it's not the gaiter stopping full engagement of 4th gear.

My impression of the LT77 is thats it's not the nicest box i've ever used and a little imprecise when you want to make quick changes on acceleration, but I suppose I'll have to live with it unless I want to spend a lot more money and get a Supra box which seems to have a very good reputation.

Kevin Jackson

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