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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Main Engine Fuse Box

Hi Guys
Got a few problems with the fuse box (mgb roadster 1977 V8)

I have now got the car on the road but every now and then the engine will only run for about 3 secs, If i play with the main fuse box it works, i really need to fit a new blade type fuse box, i have one which only had 4 ins and 4 outs and as i don't know that much about electrics really need a 8 in 8 out blade type with only the 4 fuses so it is a straight forward swop.

Does anyone know of a supplier here in the UK for these?

GLG Lavis

A lot of the problems with the original Lucas fuse blocks can be traced to poor connections between the fuse holders and the terminals. These are riveted connections and will loosen and corrode. I have had good results by using a soldering gun or large iron, a lot of flux and soldering the terminals to the rivet on the reverse side. Most of the time it cures the intermittant problems.
Bill Young

This thread was discussed on 28/08/2006

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