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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Mallory fuel pump quality?

Anyone use, for a fuel pump, a Mallory Comp Pump 70? I'm wondering about the quality ... mine suddenly and most inconveniently quit. When I got the car back to my driveway, I removed the fuel pump and took it apart ... the only unsual thing I saw was that the motor chamber was filled with black carbon dust -- well, I won't say "filled" but there was a lot in there. This thing must have 4000 miles on it, if that. Is this normal? I thought these things were s'posedta be reliable!

I realize that some of the stuff sold to the muscle car fraternity is of poor quality, but I was under the impression these were OK. (What's next? ... the Mallory distributor? ... yikes!!!)

Where did you have the pump mounted in relation to the tank? Some pumps can't handle sucking fuel UP to themselves before pushing it to the motor. Maybe you burned it out by straining it too hard?


Justin, I had it a bit lower than the OE chrome bumper pump would've been (but of course you need to position these vertically, so I used the side of the battery box) ... if anything, the business end's just a tad lower than stock!

Autozone, Pep Boys, Napa and Kragen stores all sell high and low pressure, in-line, fuel pumps with built-in filters for under $30. They are shaped and sized similar to an ignition coil with openings in the ends. I have used these in some pretty demanding 4cyl. and V8 applications with great success.
Marc Judson

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