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How does a 4 or 5 speed manual trans compare in size and weight to automatic trans when using a ford 289/302? The reason I was asking is I'm droping a small block ford into a midget, no matter how hard I have to drop it! I know a B would be better but I don't have a B, I have 2 midgets. Bill Farley's sprite was setup with 327 chevy,automatic,brake pedal becomes the gas, clutch pedal the brake. Thats the reason for the weight and size question. Anyone?
Stan Williams

Cant say that what your doing is something you will be happy with, but. In general, modern manuel transmissions like the T5 are much smaller and much lighter then the automatics. If you plan to spend the money to build a V8 MG, you will end up spending less on the MGB because there is more room under the hood and a more ridged body. Sell the two Midgets off and purchase one MGB. Otherwise, switch to a more compact driveline. As is, a V6 or V8 MGB has a hard enough time transfering power to the road, the Midget rear axle will not hold up to that kind of power, so you will be in need of a shortened rear end, then special traction bars, you'll probably end up stiffining the body to be able to take the power, tubbing the wheel wells out and so on.
Think your saving money by using the "existing" cars you have? Not compared to an MGB. There is a car around here that has a SBC under the hood.. I believe I have heard a '65 Midget, but just because it has been done, doesn't make it smart (but shows that its possible) An MG Midget has a perfect weight balance of 50% front and 50% rear. By replacing the driveline with the 302 V8 (even with all the aluminium you can place on it), you will have the weight distribution of a 1/2 ton truck (with wheels the width of the MG's) that will take cloverleafs slower then grandma's 1976 Lincoln with her bridge club in the back seat! Terrible stopping power and very poor takeoff (no hook-up)

Utilizing what you have is not always the answer.

Ok, now thats outta my system, check Mustang T5 five speeds out of the salvage yards vs. the Mustang automatics, I think you'll see the size difference.
check out We stuff motors in MG Bs that are dimensionally smaller then the 215 V8 with as much power and the headers dont even need holes cut through the fenderwells to fit.. shows what else a person can do.

Good luck and have fun with whatever you decide.

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