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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Megasquirt EFI

The changeover has begun. Yesterday I removed the Ford Mustang processor, most of the unnecessary wiring, the MAF and the throttle body, along with the IAC and IAT sensor, and cut the inlet flange off the TB adapter. I'll be using that to fabricate an Enderle style scoop which will combine the functions of air cleaner and throttle body. I'm still waiting on the Megasquirt v.3.0 board but if it doesn't get here in time I can use the controller out of the truck. So it looks like I've gone and done it again, torn down with a deadline approaching. One would almost think I enjoy working that way.

Jim Blackwood

Jim drop me an email! The email you have listed here bounced back at me....
Larry Embrey

Today I got a good start on the throttle body. I cannibalized the throttle plates out of an old square bore Holley and will use three of those, bored out a piece of aluminum bar and made up some velocity stacks, well one is finished and the other two are nearly done. The stacks fit in the bores on the bar and then the throttle shaft hole gets drilled and reamed, but first a little more shaping is in order. Once that part is done I will begin shaping the housing, brobably from brass sheet. I have a 5 x 8" flat filter, may have to cut down the old K&N to replace it if I can't find a direct fit one. I think I need to look at relay panels.

Jim Blackwood

This thread was discussed on 26/04/2005

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