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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Megasquirt EFI and Rover V8

Anyone done it or doing it? Just exploring the option of switching the SUs for 2x single throttle bodies from "something cheap" If I can get a nice closed system I can get away from the regular rolling road sessions and just play on my laptop
Stuart Robson

I'll take those SU's off your hands if you decide to switch.
James Johanski

If you go to Megasquirts website there is a listing of success stories, and there's a guy there who did it when he put a rover v8 in a mini. I would want to see the system up and running with the regular fuel injection before switching. That way there's no questioning that the motor is running up to par.


I originally had flap-valve injection on my V8 (Vitesse). I considered Megasquirt, but converted to hotwire instead, which gave a considerable power improvement. I've not ruled out Megasquirt yet, but would like to see one up and running in a UK MG first !

Michael barnfather

I've not got the injection plenum so it'd have to be two throttle boddies from a 4cyl car with single point injection....I've a feeling I may be doing this on my own......
Stuart Robson


Rather than using the 2 SU manifold you would get a better result using the efi manifold with fuel rails and injectors. This would be much better than a pair of single point set ups.

You would then need throttle bodies. These could be individual self made items or you could use one of the Rover/Land Rover plenums with single throttle body. The latter is simpler and can be used with megasquirt. The former with some nice polished stack pipes would look much better.

David Witham

My big problem is fitting it under the bonnet of a midget otherwise that does sound the better idea. See my problem on
Stuart Robson

I have a MS system on my truck, an International, and am very happy with the results so far. Enough so that this winter I am building a second unit to replace the Ford EEC-IV I have on my Olds 215/MGB ( ) and a third one to put port injection on my brother's restored TR4-A. Though I built a custom modified port injector intake for the truck we came up with something you might want to look into. It is a potentially good way to go for I-H engines which I believe would work equally well or even better for the 215 2 bbl intake, and though I haven't seen it, doesn't the twin SU intake have a top piece that just bolts to a standard 2 bbl intake? Anyway here's the trick: Ford used a 2 bbl TBI system which they called CFI or Central Fuel Injection. The throttle body matches the standard 2 bbl Holley manifold flange. This unit came in two versions, the standard unit with a rather small bore (by American standards) which should work quite well on a fairly stock 3500, and a large bore unit which was used on police cars. These units were used in the '80s and should be fairly easy to find at the junkyard and cheap as well. They will interface with the MS controller and might be just what you need.

The MS system is a speed/density controller which uses 3D mapping to control injector output and is tunable in real time. The interface is user friendly, and you can adjust your mixture as you drive without too much difficulty, although a copilot is advised. It is capable of the same power output as an identical hotwire system. It is also evolving. Right now I am waiting for the daughterboard that provides ignition control, as I use the Ford EDIS ignition on my vehicles. This upgrade is now in beta testing and should be available about the first of the year, along with the next version of the controller board itself. The price is right, but you need to be able to do some electronics assembly. I'd suggest that there's no need to wait for someone else to do this conversion. The controller is proven in many widely varied applications, and your hardware may very well be unique to your vehicle in which case there won't be another one exactly like it anywhere anyway. Just my $.02.

Jim Blackwood

Good news Jim!!

Glad to see you are still tinkering with the MS. I have the EEC-IV running 100% on the car now. Unfortunately I now need to take the plunge and cut the harness down to fit the car. YIKES!!!

Something of intertest since you mentioned using ford factory TB's.. I JUST found this link and though I am unsure what those TB look like this may help you folks...

Brand new ready to assemble Factory Ford plugs and connectors...
Larry Embrey

Excellent site there Larry - loads of information there - Thanks!
Stuart Robson

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