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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Mess when removing mech fuel pump?

Guys, possibly dumb question but I have never done this before: I am converting to an electric fuel pump. When I take off the mechanical pump (with the car engine off and level), will gallons of oil pour out or does the oil not go up that high? Should I drain the crankcase first?

Gas? petrol? fuel ? oil? dazed and confused.....
2-stroke perhaps ?
David Smith

David, the car just has the Rover mechanical fuel pump on the LH front lower corner of the engine block. I was just trying to figure out whether oil will get all over the place when I go to unbolt it.

This sits, I think about 5 inches above the sump on the Left hand side of the timing cover where the SD1 has a cast sealed pattern (where it used to be). The oil should all be in the sump so you should be fine (unless you have severely overfilled the engine with oil or your changing it with the engine revving).
frank swinton

OK, thanks much -- so far so good, got it off. There is a slightly zigzag appendage a few inches long attached loosely to the pump that stuck into the motor. Is that the thing that drove the pump off the camshaft? I was told I'd have to remove a straight fuel pump push rod about 5" long but all I see is the zigzag thing.

Do I need to yank something else outta there before putting on the blanking plate?

Many thanks! Dumb questions for sure, but I have never done this before.


Im not sure about the ZigZaggy thing. I would have thought that the pump would drive off of a cam and therefore have a lever that pumps up and down. It might pay to get a hold of a manual if you are going into DIY big time, even if the seem unintelligible when you are up to your armpits in oil, they are a great place to wipe your hand!

frank swinton

Ted, I've answered this question twice before but apart from "thank you for your submission" nothing appeared ! There is no pushrod. The z shaped bit is the pump rocker arm. You can safely bolt the cover on but use a gasket or sealant. Barrie E
PS after the failures I was going to email you direct but you don't show an email address.
Barrie Egerton

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