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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Metric Fitting

A fitting that conects the clutch slave the hydraulic hose was broken (By Me) when the slave cyl was removed to be repaired. This slave cyl is from a MBG V8 so its a little larger. I have searched the Colmbus area and no one has seen this type. The cyl port is BSP and is not a problem but the end that conects to the hose is rare.

Has anyone found a source for special metric fitting? I can send photos if this wold help idenify this fitting.

Leroy Cook
Leroy Cook

Even as late as 1980, a few hydraulic fittings on MGB's were Whitworth. As far as I know, none were metric. Some were also British pipe thread, but my guess is Whitworth. The large fittings on the SU fuel pump are also Whitworth.
Jim Stuart


if it is a Rover 5-speed LT 77 box, there had been two versions of hydraulic hoses being used during the production run of the Rover SD1. One of these had metric threads.

Spares sould be still available for these cars, although they are marketed by catapillar since 2005.

If it is only the hose with the fittings you are after, every hydraulic workshop (those who do the breake repairs on commercial transport vehicles etc.) should be able to fabricate it for you and it is cheaper this way than buying the OEM spare part, as i found out.


Caterpillar??? Please explain!

Derek Nicholson
Carl Floyd

Leroy ,
try V8 conversions in the uk I got the same hose at
Christmas. The postage to the US wont be to bad,

Kind regards Paul
p stanford


MG Rover sold there spare part devison to CAT in 2005 to keep things going on for a further few weeks.
This deal also included stocks of old SD1 and Range Rover spares.


The fitting I am looking for is metric! This conversion was done in central Ohio. (Andy) As with everthing that he has done it is a mess! I can not post a photo on this web site but if anyone wants to see this special fitting E mail me at

Thanks, Leroy
Leroy Cook

Hard to believe he's still in business.
Carl Floyd

LeRoy sent me a photo of the fitting in question, looked like an AN straight swivel end minus the ferrule and nut and an adaptor from BSP or Metric straight thread to AN. I replied as such but haven't heard anymore. Anyone else figure it out?
Bill Young

Early on I think he was buying parts from Clive Wheatley.
You may try Clive.
I didn't think Andy would still be in the business with his demeanor.
Kelly Combes

I have found no fittings locally to replace the ones in the photos.
I will be going to the local NAPA and get a hose with a BSP fine thread end and a SAE on thwe other. This will attach to the "Bulk Head " type and I will be cutting or replaceing the metal line that connect to the clutch Master cyl.
I just wish it was a little warmer outside!

Thanks, Leroy

Leroy Cook

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