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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MG 2006 - Announcement

MG 2006 – “A Driving Experience in the Smokies”
Rick Ingram – Executive Director, North American Council of MG Registers

It’s that time again! The all MG Register meet is just around the corner! MG2006 is almost here!

Built on the solid footing of “MG International – Indy ’96” and the sturdy foundation of “MG 2001 – An MG Odyssey”, this gathering of MG enthusiasts and their cars will be making Gatlinburg, Tennessee “the place to be” from June 21st through the 25th of this year for “A Driving Experience in the Smokies”!.

The North American Council of MG Registers (made up of representatives of the MMM Register, the NEMGTR, the NAMGAR, the NAMGBR, and the AMGCR) sponsors this meet once every five years. This conclave of the “sportscar that America loved first” provides an opportunity to see a multitude of examples of the marque that are rarely assembled together on one show field!

There will be many special guests at MG2006, and the Council welcomes Don Hayter, Chief Design Engineer of the MGB; Ken Costello, “father of the MGB V8”; and Roger Williams, MG author and enthusiast to this event.

NAMGAR has also arranged for some very significant MGA’s to be in Gatlinburg, among them being EX182; a 1957 Sebring racer; 1961 and 1962 Sebring Coupes; UMO93 (the Works Twin Cam); the Olthoff Twincam; and the 100,000th MGA built (and featured at the New York Auto Show of 1962). The gauntlet has also been thrown and a challenge made between the MMM and NEMGT Registers to bring out any and all Airline Coupes!

The East Tennessee MG Drivers Club has been assisting the Council in the planning of the week’s activities and will be making many recommendations of self-guided tours to areas such as Clingmans’ Dome, Cades Cove, the Tail of the Dragon, and other exhilarating drives for you to enjoy during your stay in Gatlinburg. Tech sessions and meet-n-greets will be held on Thursday and Saturday. A welcome BBQ is being held on Wednesday night and “Register night” will be on Friday and will give you a chance to mingle and meet members and officers of your specific MG Register. The car show/display is happening on Friday at nearby “on Cosby”. This is a popular vote car show with each Register having specific classes for their respective model of MG. Additionally, NAMGBR will have Concours judging for cars that fall within their guidelines. Photo, model, and craft competition will also be held, as will Valve Cover racing.

Registration for MG2006 is done online. You can register for the event, order regalia, reserve banquet tickets, and find your hotel room all from the convenience of your computer! You can add items and/or change orders through the website as well.

MG2006 is another event that enthusiasts will be talking about long after the last MG has left Gatlinburg. Don’t be left out! I encourage you to visit and register for this meet today!
rick ingram

Rick, what are the rules for valve cover racing?
Bill Guzman


I just sent you a file.

THe rules *should* be posted on the website sometime this week (if they haven't already been done so!)

rick ingram

this is adirect challenge from North to South for the valve cover racing title. The Shock & Awe team is still undefeated. I thought it was interesting at our 1st race in St.Luois in the final race we were up against a beautiful cover made by the owner of a factory V8. Maybe the conversion guys are a little more inovative? We cleaned his clock. And it once again proves "fancy wheels don't make it fast" The rules are simple,but you have to push them to the edge. See you in Tenn
R Milner

That was a V8 valve cover, V6 valve covers could be faster.
The rules read: MG valve covers, I do not have any. But if my MG has a V6 with valve covers that read MG on them, then this type of valve covers would be ok?
Robert, which route are you taking?
Bill Guzman

Now, Bill....that is stretching the rules somewhat. MG valve cover means just that. Valve cover manufactured for an MG power plant.

Most are of the MG midget or MGB variety...I've seen a couple of MGC VCRacers.

Robert, I wish you luck, buddy. You are THE team to go after! Heard the rumour about the "impound lot" aka NASCAR races?!

:-) rick

rick ingram

"that is stretching the rules somewhat. MG valve cover means just that. Valve cover manufactured for an MG power plant. "

Oh? I guess those cast aluminum MGB/GT V8 valve covers are legal, then. ;)
Carl Floyd

re: Oh? I guess those cast aluminum MGB/GT V8 valve covers are legal, then. ;)


Yes, I would *assume* that they would be...but I'm not one of the "officials".

If it came from the Abingdon manufacturing facility as an MG cover...(or in this case was available as an aftermarket upgrade)...I would *think* that it would be within the guidelines.

Buick 215, Ford 302, the V6 covers, etc...fall outside of the my opinion.


rick ingram

actually my V.C. is from a 4 cyl. can you believe that ? But it's still the fastest. it's off of a TD.I'll send you one off a 1800, I'll never use it, if you want me to.
I'll email you direct about Tenn.
R Milner

As an additional challenge to Team Shock and Awe, we'll be running the Valve Cover Racing on the Tail of the Dragon.


(Just kidding.....)

rick ingram

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