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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MG Calendar!!!

OK guys and gals alike, I need your help, more importantly your cars picture.

For 2 years I have been planning on making an all British car calendar. I have always planned on making it 365 pages with, of course, 365 pictures.

Well, frankly, it's never worked. It's just too much for one person to handel, so here is my new idea.

I am going to make a traditional 12 page (12 month) calendar. On each month there will be a picture on a specific model of an MG car only. Each picture will be accompnied by a brief write up of the cars history and current owner.

My plans are to personaly publish these calendars and ditribute them for sale to MG car clubs and parts sellers. If I can make any profit from the sales (NOT LIKELY!) I am going to donate the profit to some charity that has not been chosen yet... Hey I'm just starting this project. I am thinking of taking a vote from the 12 lucky people that get thier pictures in the calendar to decide the charity, but this is a way off yet, first, I NEED PICTURES!

If you are interested in trying to get your picture into this calendar, please e-mail me with a pic. If you don't have a digital pic to send, e-mail me for my address so you can snail mail me a pic. Please note that the pic's will not be returned.

Remember this, not all MG's are in mint condition, and just because your car is not perfect, or original, does not mean it will not be considered! I currently have a great picture of a completely rusted out 65 MGB that has a tree growing through it. So, no car is out of the question, unless it's not an MG!

Heres what you get if your car is chosen: 1. A free copy of the calendar 2. Bragging rights!!! 3. Thats it, isn't the bragging rights enough?!?!?

Send me your pic's!!!

Jay R Sampson
1975 MG midget
Jay Sampson

This thread was discussed on 31/12/2000

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