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I was surfing around a couple of weeks ago and came across a link or site that offered body kits for MG's.
The vehicle they showed had wider fenders and wide tires, front and rear was red. For the life of me I can't find my why back. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Any info on body kits for my 78 MG 5.0 t-5 project? I'd like to go with the "poor mans" cobra look.

Hi Mike

You must be talking about the fibreglass Sebring body kits. I have fitted the rears to my GT, but was not happy with the fronts, so I had some fabricated in steel.

You can see mine fitted at:

Bill Guzman has some simular flares on your side of the pond that be seen on his site at:

Nick Smallwood

For Fiberglass Fender Flares:
James D.

Hey Mike if you need some ideas check out my MGB I made a poor mans cobra,It would have made me a poor man if I didnt know how to do this stuff myself,All my work was done in steel(except the spoiler).Hey Nick your car has a nice look to it I like what you did,you have done alot to it... nice job...

Hi Dave

Checked out your Cobra Killer, now that's pretty radical!

Nick Smallwood

Thanks Nick,I figured you would like it,You are doing some great things to your MG also.If all the pics did not come up on the site I have now fixed them....


I've developed a different slant on the bodywork, which I'll get around to posting photos of a little later on into the summer. Too busy with the detail work to mess with the website right now, but the idea was to maintain the appearance of the stock bodywork to some degree.(albiet on steroids I'll admit) I had gotten tired of being asked if it was a Porsche, I have no desire to imitate Cobras, and my apologies to all but I think those add on flares are butt-ugly. This is the fourth revision of the front end, and at this point it is pretty well refined. 6" wider than stock (to accommodate 265/50-14's) forward tilt, front latching with gas strut vertical lift, custom equal length fenderwell headers/sidepipes-through-the-rockers, and an Eaton M-90 sticking through the hood. Not exactly a sleeper I don't suppose.
Jim Blackwood

Hmm, can't wait for those pictures...
James D.

Re. Jim Blackwood's car, after all the discussions about how to not put a bulge into the bonnet, it is refreshing to hear of someone who isn't afraid to cut a hole in the bonnet and put a proper induction system on there:-) Definitely looking forward to seeing the pictures! After all, everyone says that a problem with the 215/3.5/3.9 motors is heads that don't flow that well. A blower seems to make all sorts of sense in that case as the pressure differential is then increased. Plus they look cool, but form should always function.

Sounds like a great car Jim.

Best regards, David Walworth
David Walworth

Thanks David. My apologies to the purists, but I bought the car 20 years ago when you could pick up one in pretty good shape for a little over a grand and absolutely nobody was thinking about restoration. I've pretty much acted out my every whim in regards to the car since then, and never worried the slightest about preserving the original appearance until people started calling it a Porsche because of the first forward tilt assembly (bonnet) that I built. It was basically the fenders whacked off and welded to the hood with the headlights cut out, fenders pounded out to follow the curve of the hoodline, and quad rectangular headlights fitted, two in the fenders and two in the grille. In retrospect, I guess it did look a little like the German brand but it sure wasn't intentional. I just needed to cover the wide tires. It was admittedly rough, but served as the basis for later development.

When it came time to swap in a bigger engine my only concern with cutting the hood, was where I could come up with a scoop. I used plastic from JC Whitney but it was pretty tacky. On the fiberglass frontend I just built it above the engine, but that one never really got finished. Just wasn't what I wanted. The last time around I made the scoop myself from sheet metal, broke a pair of creases to match the front of the hood where the badge goes, and then hand formed the rear and side curves. That one looked pretty good. It wouldn't work with the blower though. Maybe I should have kept it, but when I got rid of that hood (which was junk anyway) it went with it.

I pretty much finished my front mount yesterday. It combines the bumper mounts with the strut/pivot supports, spoiler center section, radiator guard, and skidplate. So now I'm back to finishing up my welds on the hood. A few days should finish that, and I can do the final fitting and look at what I'll need for a scoop. I'm still a little ways from paint, but it really all depends on how much time I can spend on it and how well my hands hold up. That stuff's hard on them.
Jim Blackwood

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