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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MG guy needs help with Stag conv. info.

I have posted this question on the Triumph pages but, nobody responds. So I am asking it here because you MG-V8 guys have it together, big time!

I have an SD1 5-speed drive train and am looking for a Stag to install it into. Do any of you V8 fans know of anybody doing a kit for this combo?

Marc - (2 midgets and a few others).
Marc Judson

Hi Marc,

As well as a couple of MGs - 75 Midget and 78 MGBGT in the middle of a V8 conversion - I have a Stag. In fact, I'm the Modified Stag Co-ordinator for the Stag Owner's Club in the UK.

There are certainly folk in the UK who have Stags with Rover V8s and 5-speed transmissions. If you care to contact me off line I'll try to put you in contact with somebody who might be able to help you.


Peter Hills

...easy as that, Marc - amazing !

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