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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MGB Dragster

Thought that you guys might find this interesting.

How could this be? It isn't a 4 cylinder Honda engine or BMW straight 6.
Michael S. Domanowski

And not a single Type R sticker?

Someone in your land!

No need to make fun of hondas just caust they can beat the sh*t out of your brittish v8's with half the displacement - and with no cheap bottle.
Alan Raddatz

Nitrous when done RIGHT is by no means cheap. It may be inexpensive when comparing the inital cost of the nitrous system directly to other engine mods, but when done right on a wet or dry system you should be doing some of those other engine mods as well.

Please don't get me wrong I really can appreciate all the newer high tech engines from Japan and Europe. I've just been having a little fun here the last couple of days and if it seems at your expense then I do apologize. Although this is the V8 board I'm sure most of us here appreciate hearing the ideas of others, including some hot new engine swap suggestions that are not V8's.

As for my old Oldsmobile 215 w/Nitrous engine all I can say is that it wasn't stock by any means (although not as built as my new 215 from Dan at D&D). I never took the car with the old engine to the drag strip (so I don't know what my actual times would have been) butI do know that that both stock s2000 and stock M3 Roadsters have fallen prey to me, maybe they were just bad drivers or their cars were not running good that day I don't know, but I do know that they were looking at my taillights, not the other way around at the end of our little competition. And as for my new engine, please come down to the British 2003 V8 show in May. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and exchanging ideas.
Michael S. Domanowski

what is it with you and the honda bandwagon?

Alan is what is commonly known as an a ricer. He only understands Honda and thinks a car that is a econo box is now a powerful sports car. Please do not pay attention to the egnorant
Someone in your land!


Nobody knocked the Hondas, just the rice-boy Civic driver with a penchant for applying stickers to his car. I see S2000s regularly and have never seen a sticker of any sort on one. I also regularly see Foci with industrial strength wings and NASCAR type paint jobs, same rice-boy mind-set.
George B.

It's *All* good. Just some of it is more good than others. How about an MGB with a Honda F1 engine? Nobody could say that would be slow, or obsolete, or whatever else. And it would rev all the way to Sweet Jesus. I wanta see it. (But don't wanta drive it everyday.)
Jim Blackwood

Michael, dont worry about any hard feelings, there are none. I understand the fun of getting a good argument going as im sure you do, and studying for finals for the last week has certainly given me a need for a good fun argument. Admittedly, your car sounds like it is one amazing machine, and ignore my nitrous comments, im just more of a naturally aspirated kind of guy. And if you did beat an M3, then it is definately very FAST!

Anyways, ricer, no, but i can definately respect the amazing technology that goes into the vtec engines, especially an s2000. Proof of my non-ricer ways lie in my 320hp sbc powered mgb roadster. However, i did just purchase an accord for my "everyday" driving, and must admit that i love it, even though i realise it is by no means a sports car, but the 5-speed makes it fun enough.

Lastly, Mr. nameless, if you're going to call someone ignorant, please make sure that you spell it correctly.

Alan Raddatz

I wish I could see that pic, but the site must have removed it. I'd love to see a S2000 motor in a MG. It would be a blast to drive - and yes, I've had the V8 experience, but I like my power from only 3 main moving parts and no pistons :o)

Hang in there Alan. Some will criticize you, but as long as it works for you - go for it! Others may copy you when they see how well it works...
Brian Kraus

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