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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MGB GT V-8 for sale

Hello folks,
I'm contemplating the sale of my 1970 MGB GT V-8, completed in 2002.
This car is a converted CHROME-BUMPER car (NOT a rubber-bumper car fixed to appear like a chrome-bumper car).
The car has the following features:
Oldsmobile 215 V-8 w/ pertronix distributor
and 500 CFM Carter 4-bbl Carb.
on GM factory manifold
High Efficiency Radiator w/ 300 cfm electric fan
Rover SD1 5-speed gearbox
MGC 3.31:1 rear axle
New brakes and hydraulics
High-torque mini starter
Custom Dual exhaust w/ centered fuel tank
New Leather interior and carpeting
All-steel body work to repair dents/dings/rust
New bright red paint w/clearcoat
New/NOS/replated chrome bumpers and trim,
including ORIGINAL split rear 1970 bumpers
Custom Chrome Grille

Question: What is it worth in US Dollars?

Dave Michel

Sorry, but I doubt that you will get what you have put into it.
Gregg Stucke

$9937.26 If you did alot of the work your self it proble cost you $8000.00 if you had a lot done ie proble cost you $13000.00. So if you can make any proffit on it your ahead of the game. If you ask to much you wont get any calls. It also depends on the buyer. Without seeing you car I would say if someone got it for $12000.00 they would be getting a good deal. Just like anythin else its finding the right buyer.

Call me cynical but I would guess under $10K. For a GT to get more than that it would have to be one of the nicest in the world.
Bill Withum

Most of us put a lot more time and money into these projects than we could ever recoup. Trust me, I'm one!

Dave's GT is one VERY FINE example of a GT V8. He had it in Tennessee at the V8 meet in May 2003.

Personally, I would price it at a level that I was comfortable with receiving ... and leave it at a firm price.

Bargain hunters are just that...If we want our conversions to hold value, we need to do a couple of things.

1) Be realistic when building/ it correctly....and not go overboard. My tastes may not be the tastes of a potential buyer. But I also do not have to sell to the first buyer that comes along and wants to "dicker" just because he/she doesn't like the interior or colour.

2) Stick to our guns when it comes to selling. As long as we have done #1 appropriately, justification in a reasonable selling price should be easy.

As for has to ask himself/herself, "Is this the type of sportscar I want to own and drive? What would it cost me to buy a new/used Miata (etc)?"

Just my two-pence worth...

1974.5 MGB/GT V8 conversion
rick ingram

Any pictures of this car?

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