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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MGB Hive RV8 sytle exhaust system

Has anyone tried fitting one of these systems to a roadster?

The front end fits fine up to the middle support hanger. The rear box and pipe are tipped down towards the ground and look rather like the standard rubber bumper system.

The MGB Hive say they have had no problems fitting these, but my system ends up only three inches off the road surface!



I have the same B Hive stainless steel RV8 system but have not fitted it yet. Sorry I can't help but I would be interested to know how you get on.


I'ld also like to know how you both sort it out as I'm in the marked for such. What was your cost and how do you find the quality? What are the bore dimensions and does it ride under or over the axle?(sounds like under) How's the sound at idle, cruise and flat footed? Is there any interfearence with tube shocks. My engine is set 1.5" aft of stock. and I'm thinking of a large bore stainless single pipe and RV8's. 3" won't last long round here! You may wand to consider a skid plate to save the pipe. Have you noticed any more umph or heat improvements from what you ran before? Any info appreciated! Thankyou, Angus
Angus Davies

Hi all,

I *think* I have an MGB Hive stainless two box system, the PO used to buy a lot of stuff from them. All I can say about the sound for Angus' info is that it is very muted, classy, but frankly doesn't stir the blood.

I was going to go to a dual system or a rear glasspack when I went to my local exhaust guy (who has a Healey 3000) and he suggested simply taking the front box out of the equation. Well 30pnds later (bargain) I just drove it home. Woohoo, it sounds like a V8 now! But it is not annoying or loud, it sounds very much like the RV8's I've driven, maybe 10-20% louder under WOT.
Great I love it. My advice would be if you go with their system, just use the rear box.

As my car is a Factory GT I don't have any clearance issues Chris, the exhaust has masses of ground clearance so I find it hard to work out how the additional 1" or so the CB GT V8 has over the Roadster could make much difference. Sorry I can't help!

74 V8
Neil Cotty

I can't say how it sounds 'cos it's not installed yet!

I can't see how the extra 1" of the factory car makes any difference either.

It only has a single rear silencer box. The offside down pipe crosses the tranny tunnel to join the nearside one in a "Y" junction and then runs as a level pipe to the middle bracket by the battery box. So far, so good but then the rear pipe bends down towards the road, under the axle and goes into the silencer which is canted up at about 30 degrees and finishes in a tailpipe which turns downwards by about 60 degrees.

I think the box would better fit parallel with the road and the pipe to it run level from the front section.

I am going to be talking to GES who make the system and see if they have any comments - I'll report back!

I Have the MGB Hive RV8 system which I have recently fitted. I bought the system from them at the Sandown Park Show in November for 350 after some haggling. I was changing my 3.5 for a 4.0 and decided to fit the exhaust before taking the old engine out. I soon found this to be nigh on impossible as the manifolds will just not fit into place ( might be possible with heads removed? ). I took measurements, removed the engine, cut the holes in the inner wings then put the engine and box back in. I then bolted on the manifolds, marked where the holes needed adjustments then removed the engine again. After trimming the holes to the right shape I made a cardboard template, cut out a ring of sheet metal and spot welded it into place and then turned down the lip inside the hole with a hammer. I then proceeded to fit the new engine and gearbox. When I finally got round to fitting the system I too found that it hung down very low. Not at all happy with this I decided to modify the exhaust keeping it as high as possible.
Now the silencer is nearly horizontal well tucked up between the fuel tank and the spring rubber mounting it to the rear of the boot floor, the pipe then dips down under the axle just clearing it when the suspension is right down. In my case the 2 into 1 connector was in the same place as the gearbox crossmember so I modified the crossmember by cutting out a section from underneath and strengthening on top. When I finally got things just right I welded the three joints of the 2 into 1 pipe which leaves just three connections. With the addition of a large polished stainless tail pipe the whole thing looks just right.
I am very pleased with the final result but I would not be at all happy if I could not have made these modifications. I also think they should have mentioned how much work is involved.
Dont get me wrong I think the MGB Hive are one of the best parts suppliers and I have used them for many years.
If it is of any help I could sent some pics by E mail.


Mark Rawlins

As an alternative to the RV8 exhaust, has anyone purchased an EXA-58 exhaust from Australia? As far as I know, it sells for $720 but it might be easier to install. Link to photo:

I was amazed how big the holes needed to be to insert the manifolds , about 8 inches by 6 inches - I cut out the holes and then turned the edge of the holes over to form a flange about 1/4 inch wide and then seam welded that to form a really strong edge to the hole.

Once the manifolds were bolted up I then made up plates to cover the top part of the holes to tidy them up and restore some additional strength. These plates are drilled and screwed round the edges and I have painted them wrinkle black.

Now that's more like it! Descent secondaries and an extra flange for ease of assembly. I thought I saw those in the newsletter a while back from someone in Toronto.
Angus Davies

Here it is. The MG V-8 Newsletter Issue VIII Vol.1
Inquiries to Barrie Robinson Tel 705 721 9060 (Ontario, Canada)
Fax 705 726 7994
Angus Davies


Please could you send photos of mods and any other relevent info. Much appreciated.
Also can Any one give the source of the exhaust in the photo with the MGA in the background from Dana.


Yep. Those are great looking headers. They look to be assembled and mounted to the engine incorrectly, though. As shown, accounting for engine tiltback they would be dragging the ground. They were likely just slapped on the engine to get the photo. :)

The photo appears to be the same one as in the Newsletter advert. It would be good to know where Dana found it.
Angus Davies

That picture was sent to me by a fellow from Canada. His name is Barrie Robinson and he is the North American representative for PRi. I was about to order an engine from him but I found one closer to home. He bought one of these systems but he hasn't got the car on the road yet. That's why I asked if anyone else was using it. Yes, judging by the exhaust in the photo it does look like it would be draging on the ground but, I don't agree that it was improperly installed. Everything looks bolted up tight. I will send Barrie an email and try to get more info.

P. S. This another picture that came with the exhaust photo.

We can never get enough of these pictures can we?

The photo comes from a guy called Mike in Australia - I have lost his address, I was going to ship him stuff from the UK,but he never placed the order. His exhausts were very expensive.

You are right, the headers were put on for the photo - they are actually on the wrong sides. You can tell from the pairing of the cylinders.

The scource for the headers photo that Dana posted can be found at, Look for mg specialist "australia". Their called A A Automotive.
steven koster


Thanks for the info. As a matter of interest I'll be back in Adelaide in three months so I'll go and check them out. If they are for an MGB I can't help but think that they are still going to make a mighty big hole in the inner wings ....even bigger than the RV8.


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