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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MGB V* for sale on ebay

Here is a mgbV8 for sale on ebay
Mike Maloney

Yes, that is a nice one. A bit over the top with badges though.
Dana Wilson

fog lights and modern(ish) design rims just don't suit the B in my opinion, unless they're something really special.

J P Connor

Hood pins. Yuck. Those cables flapping in the wind will beat the dickens out of his paint. I had a pair of the same aux lamps on my '66 for a while. Removed them 'cause they looked out of place to me. JMHO, however.

I agree with J P to me it looks whats the word naff!
derek cotton

Yes, an overkill on the badges, the good thing is that they can be removed.
Wheels are a ncie touch (diferent) I am so tired of the same old look of minilites, you know, the brit look or the V8 wheels. Those wheels look great on a B.

Hey Paul, I agree with your commments...the front end is somewhat cluttered, but thats an easy fix. All those ancillaries are easily removed in a few hours. I would not mind seing the bumper removed and a nice Sebring front valence installed, now that would really clean it up. The wheels are a nice alternative and a lot of good work has gone into the interior. Depending on the reserve, this car is worth a look.
Mike Maloney

All a matter of taste but the fog/driving lights are not necessary - better replaced with Hella/Bosch heads. Wheels as sold by the club in UK - much needed change from minilytes. Badges very non-MG.

Worth $10,000 of anybody's money.


I like the look except for the afore mentioned clutter - badges, hoods pins, etc. Nice interior and the wheels are very similar to mine. But an automatic? Got to have a five speed for me.
Phil O

I'd be curious to see if they had to chop into the foot wells to fit that auto trans. I wonder if it's like driving Steve Carricks car in respect to the tunel being next to the gas pedal.

geez, a guy can only take so much without jumping in, mike? i thought you knew this was my old car, okayokay the badges are a bit much, but it was my first complete resto and a long winter at that, so its only 1 badge added per month??? and now that i have the fume issue from my heater fixed i most likely will not put them on my next car. the fellow i sold it to, not this seller, did the hood pins, rmw, the headlights are/were wipacs, and i like a lot of light whne driving, six lamps on my classic mini, stealth wheels from the MGOC, i always liked them on this car, it was the wifes car, which explains the automatic, but i must say i had never driven a b&m speedshifter before this car and i became rather fond of it. justin, i oriinally bought it as a supposed running car and basically tore it down and redid a lot of it, the reason for the hood pins is the motor is moved very forward so that the tranny tunnel and heater core shelf are stock, nothing was enlarged, the raditator sits where the cross brace of a stock raditor would have been so the hood latch was removed, not my choice but i chose to leave it as they had a large custom made brass unit since the car came from the desert in NM. now the inside was all my work, and more than i would do again, but thanks for the kind comments on that, col. tony did the seats for me so he gets some credit, anyway, it will be interesting to see where it ends up now, jim
james madson

James - fair comment about white light - some of the rallyists used to mount them higher... in line with the heads. The Wipacs are OK but Hellas are much more focussed with a sharp cut off and suit my ageing sensors better - I came across someone who had uprated the wiring and was using 100W H4s - they were illegal but gave brilliant white light-(not so distracting as the new lights either).

Keep up the good work


Is this the conversion that was at MG 2001 in St.Paul (and possibly sold there?)???

rick ingram

it was at 2001, but the one you are thinking of rick had been converted to RH drive, my friend sold that one at 2001 and the fellow with it has done a trmendous amount of work to it include painting it purple (black), it was at twists last summer and took first in the v8 class, jim
james madson

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