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Nice car for sale

It wil fo on our web page.
Bill Guzman

That car has been for sale up on ebay a few times now, last was a few weeks ago. Price too high, i dunno. Maybe no one wants a 2.8L. I especially like the orange emergency brake handle.

Muncie, Illinois is only about 15 miles east of me. I have NEVER seen this MG in the area, he is not a member of the local club.

Should anyone actually be interested in this car, i would be happy to make a site visit for you.


rick ingram
St.Joseph, IL
rick ingram

A few years back I drove a B with the 2.8 Ford V6 and auto trans. Not terribly impressed with the power.

Old half-cocked here. I should have paid closer attention. I assumed that it was this car....

......not this one....

The one with the "Snarling V6" has a Ford mill.



Could be he's priced it not to sell! ie "but Dear , I've TRIED to sell and no one wants it"

david, was the one you drove a while back a red rdstr in FL that a fellow had built for his wife? several years ago i looked at one down there in fact i think i still have the video he sent me sitting under my work bench, seemed like a nice car but not enough ummph for all the work that was done, jim
james madson

Yes, that's the one. The owner was a member of our club. Interesting what happened to the original 4 cylinder. Seems that Jim liked to tow the B behind his motorhome and on one occasion he left it in 2nd gear and took off down the highway. Fin.

That's a story I would never have told anyone!
Steve Simmons

Odd story. How would turning the engine in gear whilst towing harm it? I can see the differential and gearbox possibly not likimg it due to loading different surfaces, but the engine will pump its oil for lubrication and none of the bearings would be over-stressed. Perhaps the carbs would wash the cylinder walls with unburned gas, but that would soon cease as the fuel pump is not pumping. Any ideas ??
Edd Weninger

2nd gear, highway speeds?

Steve, you answer your question for one of the possible effects of blowing an engine."Perhaps the carbs would wash the cylinder walls with unburned gas"
Yes, goodby rings, bad! then is the over reving of the engine, how long would it last, 2 gear 65 mph? or more at times, perhpas going down hill at 70 mph, ok! avg speed 55 mph in second gear for how many miles?
Goodby 1800 cc Welcome engine swap.
Perhaps that's what I should do, blow the 1800 cc and then tell my wife that a V6 or V8 will last longer and it's more economical. She will by that! I hope.
Steve knows

I think 70 MPH in 2nd is about 8,000 RPM.

Oops, missed the 2nd gear part. I'm still curious what the failure mode was. I doubt rings because there was not much a continuous supply of gas while there was being oil pumped. Broken valve springs?
Edd Weninger

how about RODS

Most probably failed rod bolts, maybe spitting a rod out of the block, and possible piston to valve contact- Pretty much what isn't broken, rather than what is
greg fast

Thrown rods and a general mess inside the engine from what I was told. Not very pretty.

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