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Has anyone used a Ford V6 in a conversion? All I see are GM engines used.
DLH Higginbotham

look here for starters
andy heston

and here!
Dan Masters

Just note that the first one is the 60°Cologne Ford V-6- typical displacements are 2.6, 2.8, 2.9, & 4.0 liters, with FI being the only induction alternative without jumping through hoops on the 2.9 or 4.0

The second is a Yamaha built SHO engine, available in 3.0 and 3.2 liter sizes- all versions are FI, and parts for this one are damned spendy (two in the family)

Are you refering to one of these engines or the 90° Ford V-6's?
Greg Fast

Any ideas how the SHO conversion was pulled off? In a Taurus SHO the front wheels are powered. Custom bellhousing maybe? Also, what tranny?

Tad R
74 RWA midget
R.M. Rivenbark


It's not impossible to build an adapter plate to run a rear wheel drive bellhousing and transmission on a front drive engine. On GM front drive V-6's I believe I heard that some use the same bellhousing patterns for both front and rear drive.

Pattern design depends on what Ford and Yamaha agreed to - but why would Ford intentionally have a different bellhouse pattern for a low volume unit? even if the gearing changed for the SHO, they MIGHT still use the same or similiar bellhouse pattern
Greg Fast

My daily driver, car has gone from an SCCA EM to the street wiht milder engine for touring. At present it has 15X7 Pana Sports.
Bill Guzman

The Ford engines I have are a 3.2 liter SHO from a 1994 donor and a 1989 3.8 liter supercharged from a Thunderbrid SC.I am wondering if anyone has used either of these engines in a MGB (1976) and how to get in contact with them
DLH Higginbotham


If you want to use the Ford 60 degree v6 in a North and South (RWD configuration) you can use the bell housing that can be found in the Ford Aerostar v6 rear wheel drive minivans. FWIW Alan


I think the SHO conversion would rock, but I would think twice about the SC 3.8. While it was really nice of Ford to make the heads out of aluminum, it is still a PITA to change headgaskets all the time. For what they are, they really have very little power potential. To read positive comments on the 3.8, go to the SCCOA site(do a search), then for the negative ask questions comparing them to the 2.3t on

Good luck!


Oh yea, the SC does NOT use a T5 behind it. I believe it is a Mazda trans, but am a little fuzzy on who actually makes it.
G.P. Copes

Thanks everyone for your information. Instead of getting a clearer picture, now things are getting more complicated. The 2.3 turbo is a very intresting choice also. More to research and compare.
DLH Higginbotham

DLH, Why would you want to venture into uncharted territory? Have you a thing for Ford? There is a 60°V6 Ford in Troy Ohio and I know for sure it didn't run that good. CCC and British Car Conversions have a set up for GM 60°V6 that won't break the bank and are both bolt in. I've seen British Car Conversions stuff..... next to amazing and fast! I understand this conversion has been endorsed by Ken Costello also.

Not a real thing for Fords, but not a person to desire common place either. The uniqueness of these conversions are what make them so amazing. Why not explore the possibilities of ford engines? For heavens sake they put big blocks into these cars.
DLH Higginbotham

DLH, check out Marks conversion at
Mark is always ready to answer any questions, and has really helped out in my conversion. Hell, one day I may actually finish this thing off!

Good Luck!

G.P. Copes

DLH, you are absolutly correct. It is yor car and your dollar. I'm sorry I mentioned the plausible suggestion. Good luck with your investigation. Best regards, Kevin

Might want to be a little cautionary here. While I agree it's your ride, do what you want- I've seen a huge number of unfinished projects where the amount of work was significantly underestimated.

NONE of these conversions are commonplace, even the BOPR V-8's (which are the most common conversion currently in Co Cal) are not an everyday encounter.

The desire to do your own deal is admirable, but select a good engine with good support (for instance, the small Cologne Ford guys are starting to have some problems getting soft parts for some engines. Good choice? Maybe yes 10 years ago, maybe no now.) SHO Fords were never common, event in a Taurus. Best place for parts today may be the SHO Shop in HB California, not at Ford and certainly not Pep Boys. If this thing breaks on the road, do you want to be able to get parts?

Guzman, who has a Ford Cologne V-6 is selling kits for GM V-6. He's forward planning, looking at engines that have nore years of forward production life (No connection- I'm using a BOPR 3.5, but I believe that if you're going to put together a kit, put one together that has a sales life in front of it, rather then behind it.)

The worst reason for doing an engine swap is because you have a spare body and a spare engine.

Don't want to discourage you from anything- but don't let the desire for a one-off lead you to make unwise choices just because you want something thats not 'common'

Apologies for the long post
Greg Fast

Don't mean to hijack this thread, but it plugs into a notion that I had last year when I had an opportunity to get a 2.0 liter 4-cam V-6 motor from a forlorn Fiat Dino Coupe w/ a ZF 5-speed. This is the same motor that was used on the Ferrari 206 Dino, most of the Fiat Dino Spyders and Coupes as well as the Lancia Stratos. 180 or 195 horses depending on whether your technical source is Ferrari or Fiat.

I just did a search of the BBS and it does not appear that this conversion has ever been discussed here. Does anyone know of this conversion?

I agree with the theme of most of the responses - "The worst reason for doing an engine swap is because you have a spare body and a spare engine."

Just wondering . . .

Bryan Phillips

SHO engined cars are see-able at least weelky (if you'r looking like me) here in Los Angeles. A friend in Orange County is doing a 3.0 SHO into a big Healey swap. He too is using a Ford Aerostar van bellhousing and 5-speed Mustang engine. The intake faced backwards until he made adapter plates from 3/8" aluminum to turn it around 180 degrees. RPM to-the-moon and the sexiest looking engine ever to grace a 'common' car's engine compartment. A bit heavy and complex but a major MO-JO factor! M
Marc Judson

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