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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MGB V8 Conversion For Sale

A friend of mine is selling a mgb roadster V8 Conversion. It has an Olds engine, a Rover 5 speed tranny and a Ford narrowed 8.8 inch rear end. Great paint, new interior and nice wheels and tires. Never used or driven after conversion. Asking in the neigborhood of $8000. It is located in Denver. Can be reached at: jcross

I am just posting this for him. He retired a couple of years ago and just has never used the car after finishing it. This could be a great reason for coming to Denver this spring and road tripping it home.

Larry Diede


My friend with the Roadster for sale also, has a fair sized stash of Buick, Olds and Rover engines and miscellaneous parts that he has decided to sell. Again a recent retirement and plans of racing and building cars is not what it turns out that he wants do do nowdays. He does not want to sell them off individually but as a whole package deal. Again do not repond to me but to him at:

Larry Diede


I made a mistake the address to inquire about the car and engine parts is :

Larry Diede

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