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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MGB with Alfa or BMW-engine?

Has anybody ever done a conversion with an Alfa DOHC-engine or even a BMW straight six like the 2- or 2,5-litre M20-engine with up to 177 PS??

You mean like this:

There have also been Alfa and Fiat twin-cams put into midgets.

I think that, any engine that fits, probably has been some time some where!

Hi Joern,

the 4 pot BMW swap has been done by different garages but it looks awful in the B and is no real advantage over a V6 or Rover V8 swaps nowadays.
The Alfa Romeo in line four is nice, but there is a limited choice of engines that fit the chassis rails and the front cross member. The Alfetta 2000 engine would have been fine (you have to be careful with Alfa engines due to different sump layouts and oil pump and dizzy gears inside the sump), but there was not enough space for the carbs without severe cutting to the fire wall and the Celica 2000 DCOE was a similar no go. I learned it the hard way in the early 80's
Before I fitted the Rover V8, I tried both and also dropped in a Lancia 2000 engine. All of them did not confirm to be worth the effort of fitting them.

With the M-Type BMW 4 cyl. and with a redesign of the engine bay and a suspended Smiths heater, this drive train with a Getrag gearbox might be a winner, but don't ask for time consuming details and optics...

I was always very satisfied with my choice for the V8 with the LT77 and the C-type 3.3 rear in the GT after the trail fitment of other engines, although the stage 6 roadster is much more fun to drive, even if she is not that fast as the GTV8, she simply kept her soul...


R.S. Ralph Siebenhaar

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