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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Miata Seats

I am just about ready to start sourcing Miata seats for my 74 Ĺ Rover 3.5 MGB conversion.
I have been through the archives and I canít find a year of Miata seats to look for. Is there any preferred year? I see that the MX5 are mentioned several times but no years for these vehicles. Any one know what years are the best to use.


Bruce Mills


I'm using a set out of an early 90's Miata. When Mazda changed the style of the car (97 or 98?) they went to a different seat as well. The later one appears less bulky (at least the headrest anyway). Price was $150 for the seats and another $300 to get them recovered.

I'm not sure if the seat tracks are the same in both cars. I made up some brackets to fit the seats to the original MGB holes but after setting the seats in the car, I may just drill new holes and bolt them in that way.

Any MGB I've seen with the Miata seats uses the earlier style. Advantage with these is the option of speakers in the headrest. I'd guess the later ones don't have these as they weren't a very popular option in Canada.

E-mail me if you want more details.

Simon Austin

Fiero seats are another option. Some of them have speakers in the headrest as well. I have them in my 74 midget.

R.M. Rivenbark

I have 1995 cloth seats with speakers in the headrest paid $75.00. I switched the seats when putting them in the B because I could us the two front or trear factory mounting holes dont remember which. I than drilled two new holes use a big washer on bottom and top side ofloor board. I put a nut on the bolt inside the car and sat the seat oni and then put another washer and bolt to hold it down. I did this so if I take out the sets the bolt stays put.It will be obvious which factory mounting holes you use . I think I used the front and drilled the back I could check. Now the only problem is when you flip the seat to flip forward you have to hold the top of it or it hits you in the face. Those tits on the bottom I just cut them off. Its less than a two hour job. Denny

Check out Col. Barnhill web page, he has install the Fiero seats in his V8 project. Great looking seats.
Bill Guzman

I favor the old style corbeau clubman seats. Great shapes, great bolsters, small foot print and not a chunky as fiero and miata seats. They also come with inflattable lumbar and many different colors. Those are the seats I plan on putting into my B.
Jarrod Hills

I agree with Jarrod - I installed a set of Coubeau A4 in my 77. Came out great - by the way the A4 is narrow enough to fit.

Jim Nelson
JC Nelson

Fiero seats in a 69 roadster:
Before and after:
Dana Wilson

How are the corbeu's for long ride? well padded, lots of support?? how high do they sit you?? Being 6'4" hieght is critical for me, and adjustable seat back so I can lay it back and fit under the top!!
Larry Embrey

I too am 6'4" and seat height is crucial. Seven Enterprises sells the corbeaus. They have all the measurements posted there. The mounts that they sell for the seats wil work well. Sevens is a company that specialises in Mini, original mini, stuff so the seats will fit just fine.

JC Nelson,

Did you get the std width [fitsup to 34" waist] or the wide [fits up to 40" waist]? Also how does the height of the seat cushion compare with that of a std B? I have a MGC GT and would need a seat that is shorter than the B std seat. The C has a taller floor, therefore a shorter seat riser to cushion dimension.

William McCord

I've done both, Like the Fiero with speakers best. Mr. Mike in FLA does super and expensive recovers. I advise throwing away stock speakers and refitting some hi quality 2.5 inchers. There is nothing like hearing the musical nuance at 80 mph with the top down.
vem myers

I like the idea of using extra nuts so the bolts can stay in the car.

Has anyone developed a quick-release type fitting for their seats (sort of like the battery versions)?

David Atherton

"Has anyone developed a quick-release type fitting for their seats?"
You mean like an ejection seat?
Might come in handy taking mother-in-law to bingo.
Dana Wilson

UNFORTUNATELY, this wouldn't work for me - I have a GT - but a good idea none the less.
David Atherton

Hello all. In the archives I read a comment by someone raving about using seats from an Oldsmobie Silhouette with little problem. Aside from the indignity of using an Oldsmobile part, has anyone else tried this one or had any problems with it? Also, are Miata and Fiero seats the only ones with headrest speakers? Thanks.
George Phelps

George- I believe its the Miata "M or N" class with the headrest speakers. As far as I know, the Miata and the Fiero were the onliest 2 with headrest speakers, although, I confess to eyeballing a set of MGB 77-80 seats with the "D" type headrest as possible retro-fit candidates. What's this Olds Silhouette swap...never heard that one. Vem
vem myers

Putting speakers on stock B seat is the same as puting speakers on a Fiero-Miata seats with out speakers. There is a B in town that the seats were converted to speakers, he got the speakers from Best Buy in Ca. Other seats that work in B with some mods is the XL Mazda RX7 this seats came in leather only and the seats were available with speakers. The head rest are very similar to the B's head rest.
Bill Guzmanu

Bill- Can you aim us at some pix of that MGB headrest speaker rig? I'm actually toying with the idea of recessing the speaker width into the ends of the "D" headrest, and mounting 2.5 " speakers on a pivot with a motorized drive so that upon activation ( on the blue wire for motorized attenae) , they swing out with their diaphrams parallel with the headrest. Ignition switch to off, and they swing back into their respective nest. I should get around to this one sometime before hell freezes over. Vic
vem myers

I would like to thank all who responded to my query. Certainly lots of useful information.
I ended up with a set of 1984 Fiero seats for 100.00cdn. I have found a person in my local area (Thanks Simon) who is going to recover them in leather for @500.00.
But I am missing a couple of parts for the seats. I contact my local GM dealer who informs me that the parts for the Fiero seats are discontinued, the local wreckers only want to sell seats, not parts thereof. Would any one knows where I could locate
1) Big spring which assist in the sliding of the seat.
2) Female wiring connector for the speakers
3) Latch beside the seat, used to tilt the seat back
Bruce Mills

Yes I will take pictures of the car, I think he will be attending the BMC West on the 22 Oct.
Bill Guzman

Bruce, Have you considered for seat covers? I bought my leather covers from him. Got the MG logos, red piping and 'vetter' style on lower portion of seats for $439.00. I covered the seats my self. It is very easy.
Dana Wilson

JARROD - Do you have the URL for them, I did a google search and don't see them..

I am interested in how/why people would reverse the seats?? THat would put the backrest lever agains the tunnel which would be difficult to use? Yes having less holes to drill is nice, but is there another reason?

The Miata seats do seem to be sitting me to high in the car. What are you other 6'2"+ people using? What I notice most is approaching traffic lights I have to look over the windshiled from a long way out to keep it in sight, but then I can't see the road in front of me should someone or someting pull out in front of me..
Larry Embrey


Yes I did consider Mr. Mikes, but with the Canadian/American exchange rate it would put the cost of the seat covers at about 600.00 not including duties, tax'es and frieght.

Bruce Mills

Larry - here you are.
Tony Bates

The Fiero seats have to be reversed because otherwise the recliner springs/mechanism will definitly interfere with the sills. They won't fit in there in the original positions.
You being 6'4", the seat will be far back enough where the recliner lever will be away from the tunnel, and easy to use. The tunnel is narrower back there.
Got my Fiero seats mounted last Spring, will recover in Mr. Mike's leather this winter. Those seatcovers have been in storage for two or three years, and I need to get that done! best, Joe
Joe Ullman

I just visited Mr. Mikes site. It looks like all his seat covers are $650.00. I guess he has raised his prices since I got mine.
Dana Wilson

I was asking Jarrod about the Corbeu seats. I found them on another site and the backs are not adjustable from the picture shown. My Miata seats are already in, I moved the base forward a bit and was able to get the back to lay back a bunch more and it feels more comfortable. Some seat time is now required. I also thin I might install a smaller steering wheel to give my legs more room also.
Larry Embrey

Search through Mr.Mike's website and connect here:

Featured are the Fiero seats I have in my 74-1/2 GT. He has raised his prices, cost of leather must have increased.

It is NOT a difficult job. I have the speakers in the headrests and shoulder harness slots.

rick ingram

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