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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Mike Moore/aircleaner

I was perusing the British V8 newletter covering the 2003 British V8 convention and noticed Mike Moores the aircleaner. Mike, if your out there, or does anybody else know what aitcleaner arrangement was used?

Mike's air cleaner is a custom-made, one-off. I'll forward your inquiry to him.

rick ingram

Rick,I cut the carb base out of a cheap air cleaner and started welding sheet metal to it.The element is a square K&N that fits a '90s Mercury Capri.When we took it off during the dyno pulls,the horsepower dropped way off.Something to be said of dumb luck engineering! Mike
Mike Moor

Must have something to do with the flames!
Mike Cook

Mike (Moor vs Moore), thanks for the description. Is that filter setup on your Buick 300? As I recall Jim Stuart mentioned the the 300 is taller than the 215. How tall is the capri filter? Your description will be helpful when I start designing something like it. I liked the rearward position because of the clearance issues with the slope of the hood forward of the carb and it gives the front of the engine a less clutterad appearance. When I raised my carb 1/2 inch (215 with Edelbrock carb) to insert a NOS plate I machined the base of my filter housing (from D&D) to angle downward in the front. I also had to shortened the stud because to prevent rubbing on the hood. Still clearance is in the range of 1/16 inch with occasional touching the hood.
Rick, thanks for the message relay to Mike.

Rick, The filter is in the back section,lying flat.I could check the size but,it is about 10"x6"x1"The whole rear bottom is open.I was worried about drawing the hot engine bay air,but I haven't had any issues.I do have louvers in the top corners of the hood to evacuate the engine bay heat.I tried to make the height above the carb airhorn as tall as possible.I think it ended up being 1 1/4".I was trying to get 10 or 11 square inches of air flow.The Ford 5.0 breathes through a 3 inch hose doesn't it?With this set-up I cleared the hood with a 215 engine.The 300 put the carb up exactly 3/4".I had to "Bulge" the hood to clear the 300.I may be able to get you some pics if you need them. Later,Mike
Mike Moor

Thanks for the info. I don't think I'll need the pictures. Thanks for the offer.


I built my own air filter system, with KN, for give more clearance between the carb (Holley) and the bonnet. I have ,despite everything, handcrafted a bulge to the bonnet.


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