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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Minor tip for AN fitting lovers ...

I've recently become enamored of AN fittings for oil and fuel lines. They simply don't leak, and they're amazingly easy to take apart and reassemble. E.g., yanking the fuel pump takes all of 30 seconds with zero fuss. Plus they look just awesome. I was just going to pass along a tip I found out: an MGB's fuel line is 5/16", which is not a standard AN size (4AN is 1/4", and 6AN is 3/8"), so unless you want to undergo the drudgery of installing a whole new fuel line in 3/8 tubing, it wouldn't seem to work. However, if you use Spectre 5/16" braided SS hose, somewhat amazingly, it will clip right in to 6AN hose ends, and then you can use 6AN stuff all the way up to the motor.

For the oil lines, the Buick V6 oil pump remote sandwich thing that many of us know and love has 1/2" BSP female threads. They don't make AN-to-BSP -- or not commonly at least -- so you have to make to with NPT (i.e., tapered) adapters which are available everywhere. A mechanic friend of mine advised that with a couple of extra wraps of teflon tape you can use an NPT adapter in a BSP thread, and it will hold just fine. I did that (used 12AN for the oil lines) and it sure does work, and it sure does not leak at all ... in stark contrast to those cheesy hydraulic style BSP lines they sell at Moss!

I know this is a really minor tip, but in case anyone ever wonders ...

I originally had 2 pair of 1/2" BSP to AN fittings I was going to run in my conversion, 1 on the take off plate and one on the remote filter head, as the local hydraulics and hose shop couldn't find 1/2" BSP male unions. I ended up finding a great deal on 4 pair of the male unions so was going to run those instead. How much better are AN fittings as compared to BSP fittings? The BSP female ends that they did have had an O ring in the tip for better sealing, whereas the AN fitting are straight metal on metal. Also are you running these AN fittings with standard hose or hyd. hose? Do you just need different ferrals (sp.)?

Another tip.

If you are not after fancy colors, you can go cheaper and easier yet. Here in the USE the entire hydraulics and other industries use steel fittings both AN and SAE. the SAE are MUCH cheaper.

So you can have 1/4, 3/8 maybe even 5/16" flar fittings, they look and operate exactly like AN, but don;t need the fancy alum wrench to keep from scaring and are very durable..
Larry Embrey

SAE Flares are set at 45, while AN and JIC (hydraulic) are set at 37. Repeated assembly with mis-matched flare angles with damage the seat of the union and initiate leakage
Greg Fast

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