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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Mitsuba Fuel Pump

Hi All. Has anybody used a fuel pump made by the MITSUBA ELECTRIC CO. Model No. FP3. It is also marked 4PSI which I assume is the working pressure (there is a pressure limiter fitted). It was on the car (in the original position) when I got it nearly a year ago and although it works fine, giving plenty of fuel at the carbs (original H6 SUs), it bothers me that it is "clacking" all of the time; i.e. 3-4 times per second. I am used to SU pumps for which this would be totally unacceptable and am wondering if this is normal for this pump.
Ian Thomson

Yes, I have one on both my V8 (round type) and on my mini (square type) and they both pulse all the time unlike the SU type which only pulse when they need to. Don't know why, yes it's normal, try isolation mounts (mini "cotton real" exhaust mounts are cheapest, and look identical to the "specialist" items.)
Phil Hill

Thanks Phil, Could we have met on one the Lincs. centre do's last year? I occasionally turn out. Does anybody else have experience of this pump which could put my mind even more at rest? I stripped it and found that it has a busy little piston with one way valves in it. There is a little wear on the cylinder which may be significant as IMO it would not have to pump continuously if there was no leakage past the piston (which has no rings) or past the valves. Or maybe it is just designed to operate continuously; after all it dous give plentl of fuel!
ian thomson


Unlikely to have met you at any events 'cos I don't really do any !! Am happy to talk "off-line", drop me an email, but am not really into the "club" scene.

Only other thing is I have a fuel pressure regulator/filter on the Mini but not on the V8. Both pumps are "push pumps" rather than "suck pumps" i.e. both are mounted at the tank. The reg/filter is a "FilterKing", it helps damp out any pressure fluctuations and provides a little more volume in the system.

Phil Hill

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