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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Monza rear end?

Is any one using a Monza (1977) diff?
What size is it? I just found one in the self-service wreckers. It is a possitrac rear, the car had a V8 and automatic. If I decide not to use it.. it would be up for sale.

I think i've seen this done if memory serves me the monza rearend is 3 inches wider then the mgb.The car i'm thinking of had the centers of the stock mgb wheels off set 1.5 inches per side to compensate.It wasn't noticable to the casual observer........
greg phillips

I used the Monza rear axle in my V6 midget. It is a 7.5 inch GM model. Posis are hard to find, but a later model (mid 80's and up) Camaro carrier and gears will fit if the rear pinion bearing diameter is ground down to fit the early bearing size. Ratios are limited for the Monza axle, so the later Camaro gears and posi are really a good selection. My cost for the conversion was 25 bucks for the 3.43 gears and posi plus 30 bucks to have the pinion ground. New bearings were used on the pinion which cost an additional $30. The wheel stud pattern is the same as for a Midget but not a B and the Monza axle had coil springs, so spring mounts would have to be fabricated. The easier swap is a 8" Ford from a Mustang or Maverick. The wheel stud pattern is the same as the B and the spring mounts are already there. Either axle would probably have to be narrowed to really fit well.
Bill Young

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