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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MSD ignitions and tachs

Recently installed the MSD 6A in my Rover 3.5 with pertronix ignition more to clean up any left over emissions than to gain huge amounts of power (I know there's lots of opionions on the MSD and it's worth. I'm not here to discuss that).

For those of you using an MSD box, what did you do to get the original '74 tach (converted to 8-cylinder) to read correctly?

I had the tach hooked to the tach output terminal on the box and it worked fine up to 3000 rpm and then the needle would just hang there and not increase. Read through the instructions for info on their tach adapters (PN 8910 & 8920) and went with the 8910 (as instructed).

Well..........I can't get the tach to read correctly no matter how I hook this thing up. I did gain about 300 rpm but the needle still won't climb above 3300.

Anyone got any ideas? I've been in touch with the MSD tech guys but they seem at a bit of a loss as to why the 8910 isn't fixing the problem. I've confirmed with them the wires are connected properly and the tach was working fine prior to the MSD install.

Simon Austin

This thread was discussed on 08/02/2006

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