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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - My updated MGB V8

Hey everyone, finally got my MGB V8 (63 Olds 215 w/4bbl) back on the road after some extensive improvements(?). Added Currie/Ford 9 inch rear (3.0:1 gears) with Ford Explorer rear disk brakes. Griffin aluminum core radiator (extra row and tank capacity increased by a gallon, what a fascicle with the people at Griffin! was it worth it? I'll let you know next July). New 2950 cfm 11 amp fan w/ss blades. Car is now running at a cool 185 degrees F but heh its October. Spax adjustable rear shocks. Centered the gas tank. New Master Power Brake hydraulic unit and power booster (7 inch diameter). New front sway bar 3/4 inch. And about 100 other little detail oriented things.
The 3.0:1 gears really keeps the rpm down but of course it doesn't seem to have the same grunt off the line as the 3.9:1 stockers had.
I'll keep you all posted as to how everything works as there are still a couple of minor details, or should we say ruff edges, to work out.
Michael S. Domanowski


Hope it was worth it! What tranny/tire combo are you running and what sort of RPM do you get at cruise at various speeds/gears with the 3.0:1 rear?
Appreciated/ing, Angus
Angus Davies

What brand of fan and is it pull or push? What is the overall size of the rad core? Also interested in the trans gear ratios. Thanks.
James Johanski

The wheels/tires are 195 50 Series Dunlops on 15 inch Mini Lites. I know I have room to go to 205's both front and rear. The fan (don't recall the brand name) was from JEGS it was the one for $89.00 (16 inch 2950 cfm reversable ss blades) It was actually made as a puller to be mounted behind, but I mounted it in front of the radiator in a custom bracket and reversed the blades. I haven't changed the speedometer gear (need one from a MGC tranny so my indicated speed now is actually much less than I'm actually doing right now, good way to get a ticket if I'm not careful) in the stock MGB 4 speed. but on the highway at approximately 55 mph in 4th (told my wife to do 55 mph in her car along side me) I'm just under 2000 rpm. When I change the speedo gear I'll give you the rundown in all 4 gears.
Today I have to bring her back into the shop as I have something intermittently rubbing on the left rear wheel, brake or axle.
The car feels very solid, I believe I'm 8 clicks out of 15 on the spax rear shocks.
Michael S. Domanowski

My factory v8B with stock 3.07 rear and standard O/D box would be turning at just over 3000rpm at 100mph. (with 195/70/14 aspect tyres)

I had a set of 205/50/14 tyres on a spare set of rims for when i went to the drags..Best time was 14.95/99mph with 180bhp motor..

The handling was much sharper with the lower profiles too, best compromise would be 195/60/15 to give correct gearing and good handling.

The smaller diameter rear tyres give a noticable reduction in gearing...But traction would be a problem off the line without an lsd.

Fuel consumption was always reasonable.we pay over 4.00 a gallon here!! Worst was around 12-14 mpg, but i could get nearer 30mpg on a run, but self restraint would be a problem!!

The box finally gave out a while ago, 3rd gear went awol, so have now bought a 5speed lt77 ex-Jag box and Rover bell housing as a replacement..

But whilst the motor and box is out i could buy a used 4.6 and................................................................................................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh where do you stop!!!

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