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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - NAMGBR MG V-8 Meet

Hi everybody. Can I look foreward to meeting any fellow subscribers at the V8 meet at Cleveland in September ? Regards Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

HI, I plan on attending Sept. 7-9 2000, see you all there. 1964 MGB, 1974 MGB, 1960 MGA Is my current inventory.

Rats,I thought I was going to get the long distance award.
Dale Spooner

Would like to attend V8 meet in Cleveland, could someone post info on hotels rent a car etc. I am going for the weekend only. First time in Cleveland.

It would be nice to meet all the regulars in the BBS.

Bill Guzman


I could lie an say I'm from OH.


Will see all Thursday afternoon.Could be a party of motorheads overdosing on octane booster.
Mike Moor

Hi guys. I hope to see all again and meet some new members of the V* Fraternity, but not sure. On baby alert. If all turns out well, I will be there. The 4-banger MG will not make it this year (and who cares, y'all have seen it the last 2 years). Time for the 215! The conversion is under way and though I have most of the parts, there is just not enough time. Maybe y'all could come to Tennessee for one of those engine swap parties?!

Cleveland or bust!

Hi, I'll see you all there,too. But not with the V8.
Still under construction! :-(
Adios, Jack
Jack Renaud

I'm planning on being there Friday night. Is there a "From another Country Award"?


I'm looking forward to seeing you all there. I'll be driving the 4.2L blue GT you have seen before with 35,000 additional miles of road rash. Looks like Dave Mickel will be trailering the black Costello conversion.

For anyone that needs info, I have a registration form on my web page < > The hotel is the Holiday Inn Cleveland West, 1 440 871 6000.

Jim Stuart
Jim Stuart

Bob McClain, Don Rousch and Pat Dempsy will be coming up from Florida. Driving two look-a-like V-8's.
Bob McClain

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