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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Neat air cleaner setup

Guys, I found out something that may be helpful to V8 owners running carbureted setups. Hood clearance is such a major issue for me that I have to run a drop-base 14" air cleaner with just a 2" element. Barely leaves a finger's width of space between the lid and the base where the latter turns up to clear the carb throat, for the air to get in there. The car has an Edelbrock 500 carbie (with a restrictor plate taking it down to ~400cfm); while it doesn't need air like a big-block Chevy does, it still needs a decent amount. I mean, you could just cut the choke off althogether but then 'taint hardly gonna start in cool weather, which would be a little ridiculous. I found this cool part made by K&N, a new item in their line, that is a filter that replaces the top pan of the air cleaner altogether. So, it can suck in air from the top as well as the sides. The filter material is exactly the same stuff. I don't have the part # but I will look and post it, in case anyone else thinks this would be helpful.
David Duquette

Yes please post the number. I am currently building a Rover 3.5 with Edlebrock 1404 (500cfm). Although it is not in the car yet, it would be nice to have the part number if I ever needed it.


James ?

Just an FYI item with regard to the air cleaner on my V8. When I had the car on the dyno, we did several "pulls" to test for differences in HP with the 14" air cleaner on,
air cleaner off, with the bonnet open, and with the bonnet closed. The air cleaner with standard paper element made no difference to the HP/Torque results but closing the bonnet caused a drop in HP of about 5HP. The addition of a flex-type cooling fan on the water pump caused a loss of an additional 10HP.
I am interested in an easy way of getting cool air into my carb, although I have found no ill effects at all with the standard 14" air cleaner set-up.

Bruce, I got the info. It is a K&N X-Stream air cleaner lid, part #66-1401. My only concern is that it might cause turbulence inside the air cleaner. K&N specifically claims this isn't going to happen, but after all they're not impartial so who knows. I suppose one needs access to a dyno to know for sure what the effect is, but I will report on any SOP impressions. (The appearance may take some getting used to, but that's the last of my worries.)
David Duquette

A photo of what I'm talking about can be seen at
David Duquette

I don't believe that turbulence within the filter would be a concern because the limited clearance between the bonnet and the top opening would allow little air flow anyway. Try placing a ventillating fan within a couple of inches of a wall as an experiment.
George B.

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