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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Need Narrow Seats

I am looking for some replacement seats for my Fiberfab Jamaican MGA. Because the roof is very low (44" over-all height - an inch lower than a Lotus Elise/Exige) I would be fitting the seats without any adjustment rails, which is OK as no one but me would be driving the car.

I do need seats that flip forward as I need access to the luggage space behind the seats. This feature will also allow me to fit them in a semi-reclined position (the alternative would be a bulge in the roof for my head ;-)

I also need seats that are narrower than, for instance, Fiero seats, which are 20" wide (I have a handy Fiero in the driveway to measure)- I need at most a 19" seat to fit between the tunnel and MGA frame.

Has anyone got a measurement on any of the other common substitutes like Porsche 914 or Mazda Miata?

My alternative is to fit lighweight fibreglass racing seats, but having raced with such, I can say that a long road journey in such would delight Torquemada.
Bill Spohn

I have used both fiero & Miata seats, & the Miata seats are narrower, should fit your requirements, but they do not recline more than around 45 beyond vertical. They are very comfortable, goodfor 8+ hours of driving. They accomodate my son, 6', 240 lbs.
Jim Stuart


What about some seats from a 63-66 Sprite or midget?
I had two midgets during the 60's abd they were very comfortable, and if I remember correctly they did fold forward but did not recline, they would have the right period look for you Jamaica. You could try a post on the Midget/Sprite section to confirm whether they fold forward/

Kevin Jackson.
Kevin Jackson

Spitfire seats are very narrow. The did not even fill up the space in a bugeye.


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