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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - New clutch didnīt work

Iīm converting my MGB to V8 spec. The work is almost done. I filled in all liquids yesterday and bled the break- and cluthsystem very carefully. Unfortunately, the clutch doesn't work. There is some pressure at the pedal but the clutch didnīt seperates.
Any idea what I have made wrong?
Gearbox is Rover R380
Slavecylinder new SD1
Mastercylinder new MGBGTV8 (GMC1011)
Joerg Huesken
joerg huesken

George - try extending the length of the clutch actuating lever - perhaps a small 10mm socket - would make it about 2cm longer.

Let us know how you get on.


I had a similar problem when I fitted a new slave cylinder to the gearbox (when it was all in the car). My problem turned out to be the piviot arm inside the bell housing not engaging properly. By removing the slave and the bell housing dust cover I was able to correctly seat it on it's fulcrum point.

R Weston

Last night I thought about the way I have mounted the cluth plate - month ago. Is it possible that I have faceed the wrong side to the flywheel or doesenīt that fit?
joer huesken

How much does the slave piston move when the pedal is operated and released? On a factory setup it should be 1/2" to 5/8", if yours is much less than that it could still be air in the system. When released you should be able to push the piston further back into the cylinder otherwise you may not get all the spring pressure and it may slip. MGB clutches are reckoned a bugger to bleed, I didn't even bother trying, just filled the empty system from the slave nipple using a gunsons EeziBleed on very low pressure and it needed no bleeding at all. The design of the system means that all free play between it and the cover plate should be taken up by the resting position of the slave piston in its cylinder, meaning that the full movement of the master piston should be available to separate the plates. Both the master and slave are different on the factory V8 to the 4-cylinder, having different bores and hence a different 'ratio', different again if you mix and match the two.
Paul Hunt

I tried to bleed my clutch it would pump up so far then just not enough.Took the engine and trans out of the car. It was the sleve bushing it was the wrong one it was either to short or to long cant remember. Put the right part in the car and it pumped right up. Denny P.S. Its the part that pushes the cluch into the flywheel. Some one please explain this better thank you.

I'm using a SD1 bell housing and clutch parts with a TR7 trans. and a TR8 clutch. A spacer was required on the release bearing sleave to bring the bearing close enough. I bought it a few years ago when I bought the bellhousing and flywheel from Yearwood eng. in Washington St. The spacer pressed on the sleave and then the bearing on the spacer. Lined everything up just right.

Kelly Combes

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