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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - New England (or NY) caravan to British V8 2005

Thinking about going to Indiana, but would feel more comfortable travelling in the company of other LBC's. Anyong going from the north east?


Allan...There are at least three or four cars coming in from Ohio...and a couple from Ontario. I don't have (at present) any registrations from points further east.

The sand is rapidly slipping through the hourglass as the meet is only a month away!

rick ingram
rick ingram

Rick, how many cars have register for the V8 meet?
I send my entry form last week.
Bill Guzman al....

I'm sitting at about 30 right now. That does not include our guest, Ken Costello...

I had a Morgan Plus 8 register over the weekend in addition to the V6 conversion of Mike Maloney and the V8 conversion of Bernie Posey.

We now have at least one V6 conversion, one Austin-Healey conversion with a Chevy block (if I remember correctly), one Triumph conversion, one Morgan, two visitors from England, two or three registrations from Canada to augment the V8 conversions in attendance. Enthusiasts are coming in from Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ontario, California, and Tennessee to name a few points of origin.

We are in to the final month of this time next month we will be running the autocross at the Terre Haute airport using airport transfers tunbridge wells!


rick ingram
rick ingram

I just received a registration for the meet from an enthusiast in me offlist - perhaps you can coordinate treks!

Ken Costello will be arriving in Terre Haute on Thursday and staying through the weekend.

Bill Guzman is flying in and will have information with him for his "Classic Conversions". Dan Lagrou of D&D will be there with his wares; Ted Lathrop of Fast Cars, Inc will be there with his front crossmember; Ted Schumacher has expressed interest in attending; Pieces of Eight will have strut kits for bonnet, bootlid, and GT hatch available; Moss will have a presence...

It's going to be a fantastic weekend in Indiana!

rick ingram

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