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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - New generation GM 60 degree V6

While going through various websites on my normal GM 60? route, I came across a few articles speaking about the new GM 60 degree OHV and DOHC motors due out in 2004.

One of interest is:
*This speaks of the DOHC model coming out in RWD Cadillacs being of 3.6L displacement.
Will this have compatable parts with our curent 60 degree motors? I'm not sure, but I sure hope so!

The 60 degree lineup is also going to be punched out by the factory as large as 3.9L by current estimates, which I find quite interesting. I like the idea of technical advances, but the C.I. has its place too.

Just think, a STOCK 60 degree V6 producing 260 BHP and 250 Lbs torque being built pan to pan out of aluminium. I dont think there would be any questions of being lighter then the current models being of cast iron block.
...might need to bubble the bonnet for the DOC unit though!
-Brian Mc Cullough.
BMC Brian McCullough

Stop Brian, you're making me drool all over my keyboard. You can bet your booties I'll get my hands on one of these. :-O
Dann Wade

I studied it a bit more and found that they claim they started from scratch to build these new units, so its very likely that they will not have much to do with the old series....

Anyways, this new version, at least the DOHC version, will have Variable cam timing, Comp ratio of 10 to 1, igntion system of six coils (no plug wires to change), the cars they are installed in will have electric power steering and that sort of thing..

Anyways, I'll be looking for these at the Auto shows.
BMC Brian McCullough

Isn't a similar engine already available in the 350ZX?
George B.

I'm not sure.
The nice thing about GM and Ford motor conversions is that parts are common here stateside and getting more common worldwide.
BMC Brian McCullough

Are the coils on the plugs? Otherwise it will still need wires. The coil packs just tell me they are probably a crank trigger or DIS (distributor less ignition) much like late model 5.0L explorer's. In a simplistic way you would have one big power feed to the coil block then the triger mechanism fires each coil independantly, which hooks direclty to the plug with a wire, instead of through a distributor. Concept is more accurate timing and stronger spark as the coil has allot more time to recover between discharges. I have been thinking about a similar set-up for my Ford.

That V6 DOES sound neat though. Both of you keep us updated on those things!!
Larry Embrey

OK, let me get this straight: There is currently a GM 60 degree V6 out there with DOHC? And I did not know about it and no one mentions it on this board? From the above site, this engine has been around for 10 years! It must be GMs best kept secret. Forget about the Caddy unit, it will only be affordable in 10 years time, I want to know what cars came with the DOHC. The 60 degree website does a very good job on not mentioning any vehicle manes.


The coils (6 of 'em) will sit on top of each cylender. Some manufacturers are going in this direction, which is nice for power and emmissions... I think the new Chevy trail blazers stright six may already use this and mid 90's BMWs were aleady using this as well.

The current GM 60 degree DOHC V6 was last built in about 1995 (or 96) and produced 215 BHP and 230 Ft-Tq. It was produced in a quantity that was not as widely used and in FWD form only. Due to the nature of this motor, it has not been placed in any MG Bs to my knowledge. That motor would have its benifits, but a bit of a hassel to install in an MG B.
There are Soooooo many GM 60 degree websites out there, but I rarely mention them and see so few people mention them here as well. This is a very popular little motor to install in just about everything GM and aftermarket. Thus, the high supply of aftermarket parts and support, just not as much as the ol threefiddy chevy motors.
BMC Brian McCullough

I've had a 3.4,four cam(five w/jackshaft for oil pump),V6 in my old Fiero for a few years now;bolted up to the factory mounts,trans,since it's an evolution of the stock 2.8.Makes around 240-250 w/big exhaust,intake,mixture controller,and sounds like the engines in that old movie"LeMans".
The trans from a 2.8/3.4 pushrod Camaro would be the appropriate choice for you guys,however,the starter is on the opposite side on those,and some clearing out may be required.


Since everyone else seems bent on keeping the secret, do tell: What vehicle did this motor come installed in? No one in Canada has ever heard of such a beast. This incluses my mechanic and the local salvage yards. Did they come in an automobile or was it some covert ops device :)

Brian: I realie that you have a lot of experience with the MGB V6 , but just what are the issues that would make this a bad choice for a conversion? It sounds too good to be true from where I am sitting. (240 250! this is great!_)


GM Performance shows iron and aluminum blocks for the 3.4 which the say can have the starter on either side. They don't have anything on the quad cams, but if the quad cam uses the same block this could be a way to go.
A pushrod aluminum block/aluminum head 3.4 might be enough lighter than the quad cam to make it more effective in an MG (maybe a midget especially?)
George B.

My wife's 1993 Cutlass Supreme 4 door has the engine. Look for the 3.4 DOHC logo on the front fender. Nearly all the Cutlass Supreme convertibles have this engine. It think it was a $1200 option that also included other upgrades when I ordered the car nearly ten years ago. This is a W body car, and the Chevy Lumina, Pontiac (Grand Prix, I think) all had this engine as an option from about 1991 to maybe 1996. As you know the 60 degree engine is a very small block, the heads are freakin' huge. I'm certain a 5.0L pushrod Ford V8 would fit much better.
Tom Lang

Tom hit it on the head point blank!
The heads are really tall, but mostly, its the intake setup.. Yes, it CAN BE DONE, however, at a bit more of an expense then the standard GM 60 degree motor. The intake is backwards and therefore fits the Fiero conversions much better, but then so does the Northstar motor fit in the Fieros better!!

Yes, the Camaro gearbox will fit and looking through different bellhousings, I have found one that I think will mate the two together.. If there are any takers I would be gladd to build this one too, just takes more time to switch everything around. ;-)
George, The aluminium block GM motor is a factory item that did not come in any cars, but can be purchased for those wishing to save an additional 50 Lbs! You gotta love that!

BMC Brian McCullough

I just got my first Cadillac today (actually a Christmas present for my wife). I am really, really impressed with the Northstar engine!

The January 2003 issue of Hot Rod has an article on Alan Johnson and his business of building Northstars for the street rodder, getting as much as 580 HP from the 280 CI engine. WOW!

I am currently in the middle of transplanting a 3400 from a 99 Grand Am. The Northstar may be my next project.
Michael Wish


About the Chevrolet DOHC engine.. There is some good information about OHC engines in general and some good info on setting the cams on a Chev DOHC in particular at

Northstar does have a V6 equivalent in a 3.5 litre 90 degree aluminum block for anyone needing a shorter high-tech engine than the Northstar. I don't know the all up weight of any of these engines, would be interesting to find out. Roger Williams' engine weights and measures data is pretty dated. Does anyone have a modern equivalent?
George B.

George B.,
The V6 version of the North Star was (Un)officially deemed the "ShortStar."

BMC Brian McCullough

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