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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Newest British Sports Car?

I got a kick out of this, its not a joke.

Hmm, I think that I'm going to get one and put in a V8 engine and fit chrome bumpers immediately.

By the way - here's a copy of the Aquada's FAQ

Gibbs Aquada FAQs. There are lots of good pictures on their website :-

1. Has there been a compromise with the vehicles on road performance in order to achieve high-speed in the water? And how easy is it to transform the vehicle from a land vehicle to a water vehicle?

No, there has been little compromise. Our goal was to develop a vehicle that offered as much pleasure on the road as it does in the water. The result is the Gibbs Aquada - a vehicle that can reach speeds of 100mph on land and in excess of 30mph on the water, achieving speedboat functionality and powerful enough to tow a water skier. The Transition from land to water is achieved very easily in a few seconds by the push of a button.

2. What engine does the Gibbs Aquada have?

The Gibbs Aquada is fitted with a 2.5 litre V6 engine with emissions that conform to stringent road regulations. It is capable of delivering 175 horse power to the proprietary jet propulsion system.

3. How does the Gibbs Aquada enter the water and how is it driven once in the water?

The Gibbs Aquada can enter the water by any gradual descent, via boat ramps or directly into the sea from the shore. It has an automatic gearshift on land and the accelerator is used as the throttle in the water.

4. What drives it in the water and enables it to plane like a speedboat?

It is driven in the water by a proprietary jet propulsion system. The jet delivers nearly a tonne of thrust, enabling it to plane in excess of 30mph.

5. Is it legal to drive the Gibbs Aquada on both the road and in the water? What driving/boating licences are required?

Yes, The Gibbs Aquada is fully legal for both road and water use. It is registered as a passenger car vehicle and a Category D craft as defined by the European Recreational Craft Directive. A standard driving licence is all that is required in the UK for both road and water use. An MOT certificate will be required every year from its 3rd birthday.

6. Will the Gibbs Aquada require both marine and motor insurance and how will it be ranked in term of risk rating?

Yes, insurance for road and marine use is required. A suitable policy will be available to customers through Aquada.

7. How safe is the Gibbs Aquada?

The vehicle has exceptional safety standards on both road and in the water, and is designed to meet European road and marine safety requirements. It has undergone an extensive safety testing programme and full crash test analysis. When in the water it has a low centre of gravity which means that it is exceptionally stable and it will not capsize even when all three passengers are standing on the side step. There are hydrocarbon sensors in the engine bay, an automatic fire extinguisher system and most composite surfaces have a fire retardant treatment. There is a manual override safety power switch to disconnect all electric current. The jet is fully enclosed and cannot harm swimmers or pedestrians and has full road and marine lighting system.

8. Can it turn into water mode when operating on the land or vice versa?

No. Double sensors and electromagnetic interlocks prevent undesired wheel raising on the road or lowering whilst in the water.

9. What happens if you breakdown on the road or in the water?

The vehicle's reliability is a top priority. In the event of a breakdown in the UK, customers will be covered by a breakdown recovery service provided by the RAC on land. In addition, Marine Support Services will provide support to cover the vehicle whilst on water. Full repair and service facilities will be provided by Aquada Sales Limited.

10. Where can I buy one?

At present, the Gibbs Aquada can be purchased directly from the Aquada Sales Limited.

If you would like further information, please contact our sales department by registering your interest on this website.


Well, that solves the heavy rain problem that we've been having. :)
Kelly Combes

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