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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - nitrous

I want more substantially more power than my buick 215 is delivering. Going to a 302 with 350 hp is very appealling. However, the cost is an issue. I thought a less expensive alternative would be installation of a nitrous oxide boost system. Does anyone have a good idea of the real cost of a nitrous system. Would the stock crank,rods and cast pistons be up to another 100hp? How reliable are the wet systems to ensure that it doesn't run lean? Any thoughts?

Expect to spend between $300 and $500 for a nitrous kit. The stock components should be ok for limited use up to an extra 100hp, but you should check with one of the companies suppling nitrous kits for their recomemdations. Too much nitrous and a lean mixture can result in major engine damage, so if you want more power than around 75 to 100 hp figure on forged pistons and high quality internal engine components.
Bill Young

Rick make sure you go WET system (no choice if you are Carb'd)

350hp 302 would cost a little bit. You may find a 300hp, 300ft/lbs motor with proper gearing will get you moving quite well though which is easily attainable..
Larry Embrey

I have Nitrous on my 215 Olds V8 that has been stroked to 269 ci by Dan Lagrou. My system is capable of an additional 300 HP (with larger jets) shot to the engine that is currently making around (Hasn't been dynoed yet) 300 HP at the crank. The way I had the system set up Im only able to hit it with a max shot of 225 HP (this is due to the jet sizes) and have not used it over 100 HP shot yet.

My system is a wet system with direct port injection into the intake manifold it is the NOS Sportsman Fogger (the one they now list is only good for 250 HP Jegs P/N 741-05088) with a totally separate fuel delivery system dedicated to the Nitrous, separate 2 gallon fuel cell (Jegs P/N 547-220-002), I run with a minimum of 103 Octane Cam2 but at the higher over 100 HP shots will use 116 octane race fuel in the cell. I also have a Holley blue fuel pump and separate fuel pressure regulator. Additionally, I have a dedicated Progressive Nitrous controller (Jegs P/N 741-15834) and an MSD 3 stage retard (Jegs P/N 121-8970) I retard the timing 6 degrees at the 100 HP shot and will retard even further at higher shots. My car is also equipped with an MSD probillet distributor and 6AL ignition control box. I have a bottle heater and blanket, main system remote solenoid (so I can keep the bottle valve on at all times) and triple redundant safety switches for arming the system. (I do not have a blow off/purge valve) I use all braided stainless steel fuel and nitrous lines. I've spent well over $4000.00 dollars on the Nitrous system alone but half of that is because I hired the local resident Nitrous guru to do my system and his fee was about 50% of the total spent...done wrong say bye bye to your engine.

The advantage of Nitrous is that the extra HP comes on almost instantly, no need to allow the revs to build which wastes time. With the progressive controller you can vary the % of initial hit and build time to maximum to save wear and tear to the drive train.

Contact me for any additional details or photos.
Michael S. Domanowski

Mike's Nitrous system is absolutely beautiful! He did a great job on it, but I seriously have to wonder how quickly he goes through tanks. I know I would be tempted to use it all the time. :) I'm leaning towards a blower. Like a vortech s-trim or something equivalent mounted up in front of the motor. I think that would be a great way to get some extra juice. I have a Rover 4.2L sitting here and I've often thought that a Vortech G-trim would fit very nicely in the engine bay, and give me a few psi.

Low tech grunt = 302


Thanks Justin. It is improved further from when you last saw it. I really don't use it all that much though (Ha Ha).

The tank is good for about 6-8 1/4 mile runs utilizing it in 2nd 3rd and 4th gear depending on the size of the shot.

Cost is about $55 everytime I fill the Nitrous bottle(10lbs @ about $9.00 a lb. it is important to keep the tank as close to 900 psi for full boost) there is always a couple of lbs left in the tank and about $10-$20 for the fuel cell depending what octane fuel.

I think an advantage with Nitrous is that it is not "on" all the time like a turbo or a supercharger saving wear and tear on the engine but both turbos and supercharges have their advantages.

Not sure which which is the "best"...they are all pretty darn good power adders.
Michael S. Domanowski

Micheal, thanks for all the details AND overall cost figures for your nitrous system and its use. Do you know of a good web site for learning about the use of nitrous systems? I had alot to learn!! I knew I had seen a MGB with nitrous in the v8 newsletter.
Justin, I'm sure you'll keep us all posted if you move ahead with any modification!
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