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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Noisy Lifter

Got a problem with an extremely noisy Rhoads lifter. Does tend to quieten when engine warms through but still there. Does anyone know of a dealer that will supply a single lifter? I presume that it cant be repaired?
D R Smith

First off, is this a Rover engine and is there an adjustment for the valve? Is the pushrod bent? Perhaps there is simply not enough preload. New or old installation? As you know, these lifters tend to be noisy as a rule.

Wayne Pearson

Are you certain it's a lifter ? A blown exhaust gasket makes a similar noise. Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

Its a Rover Vitesse 3.5 high comp. engine, at present at Fast Road Stage 2 tune. Heads were off recently but lifters werent touched. On getting it running again there was a high pitched knock coming from central valley area. It is horrendously noisy on cold start up but eases off once the engine is warmed through. As far as i know without stripping, the pushrods are true. Engine has less than 18k since overhaul. Local garage had a listen and reckoned it was def a noisy lifter. Just wondered if for some reason its just needing primed again. The adjustment is by shims under rocker shaft pedestals. Just wondered if anyone had experienced a Rhoads lifter acting up like this. I want to get as much info as possible before taking carb and inlet manifold off for a look see.
D R Smith

To my 3.5 SD1 engine slightly tuned, I use Edelbrock hi-rev lifters, preloaded, they are very noisy, but they work well. I listen to the Holley fuel pump, which does also much noise, and then I have a side exhaust. Have no fear.

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