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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - North Carolina Hill Climb

A hill climb is in the works in the Western NC mountains.
They don't have the web site working all the way but you can get on the mailing list for info.
It should be close enough for all of you folks in TN too!

I think this is taking the place of the Blue Ridge hill climb that was father east last year.

I had planned on changing stock B rear end back to my MGC rear for a road trip but I think I'll leave it in until this event.
Hope to see other V8 there!
Kelly Combes


Do you know what is required of the car AND driver to qualify to run? Some of these events require a competition license.
Carl Floyd

I'm not sure. I'm still waiting on that info. I think that for the Blue Ridge Hill Climb, it required a SCCA membership. I'm not sure if this one will.

I'll post more when I find out.

Kelly Combes

More info:

SCCA sanctioned event.

"This will be a NO-NOVICES event, full TT license required as well as all standard required safety equipment for hillclimb events.

BTW, You have to have a TT license with at least 3 flat track events worth of experience to do a hill climb. Roll bar as per GCR, harness, fire extinguisher, driver's suit, arm restraints, Snell SA 2000+ helmet, leather shoes, nomex socks, SFI gloves, balaclava if you have facial hair, that's all I can think of at the moment."

Crap! I've been running these hills for nearly 35 years without a SCCA time trials license or any of that safety gear. They bring an event to town and won't let me run up & down my own backroads!
Carl Floyd

I second that. But Carl you have to consider that reprobates such as us probably shouldn't be allowed on the roads anyway. We set a bad example. I know I definitely don't want my kids driving that way, and if they do I want them wearing firesuits, encased in a full rollcage, and limited to 40mph!!

Jim Blackwood

You would think that driving sports cars for 30+ years would count. But, it doesn't. I guess we'll just have to do it like we have in the past. When no one is looking! :)
Kelly Combes

The latest info for those that are SCCA licensed.

Cost = $175

Registration: On line e-registration, only once we have approval from SCCA and a sanction number.

Car Reqs: This falls under club racing rules and is considered a TT4 event. That means that you prep the car based on the GCR. Look to SCCA for answers -->

Drivers Reqs: Full SCCA TT license, no NASA. If you want to attend the April CCR TT event at CMP, you can get signed off if you have previous track events under your belt. Check SCCA --->

Classes - All TT classes open at this point.
Kelly Combes

<I guess we'll just have to do it like we have in the past.>

Lot cheaper that way.
Jim Blackwood

Are there any Specials classes (usually listed in the Supps.? I couldn't find anything on their web site. I run in the regional S-2 Class in the NEPA region hillclimbs.

For those interested, the hills are a great place to race. In PA we are allowed to run with a novice liscense, however the car and driver safety gear are still required.

incar video from last season:
Dureya Hillclimb

Weatherly Hillclimb

Rose Valley

Giants Despair
Brian Kraus

Great videos Brian, (the ones that were available). Nice not to have to worry about oncoming traffic. I may have to look into that. Quite the little beast, that midget. Has a rotary I presume?

Jim Blackwood


Sorry about the videos not working. It seems that Google is having a problem with their site.

Yes, the Midget is rotary powered (13B) and quite fun to drive :o)

Brian Kraus 1

11,000 RPM, Yeehaw!

What sanctioning body? I didn't notice any arm restraints.
Carl Floyd

SCCA. Arm restraints are on the fore arm before the elbow. In the Giants video, I lift my arms to show the restraints to the starter (that is as far as my arms will go).

Not quite 11K rpm, more like 8200 rpm. I dont have the motor for 11k yet ;o)
Brian Kraus

Oops, misread the tach.
Carl Floyd

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