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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Not a V8...But...

I am a new guy to this board and British cars...

I recently stumbled across a '73 MG midget with no motor and no tranny for what I believe is a decent price...$350

I would like to drop a '91 Nissan KA24DE [DOHC, In-line 4, fuel injected, 155hp/160 ft. lb. torque] ito it with a Nissan 5 speed tranny out of a '91 Nissan 240SX...

Is there anyway this will fit?

The car has some rust and is missing the driver's side fender... I have pics of someone can tell me if it is worth it and what I my be getting into...

I am not a stranger to cars, having been working on them for a few years, I just don't know British cars...




Before going too far on this project, check the sills and attachment points of the rear suspension for weakening by rust. While under there, maybe you could figure out a way to use the sub-frame and rear suspension of the Nissan, could help keep the power on the road. Check the height of the engine to make sure you have adequate bonnet clearance. The Nissan engine is also longer than any of the MGB engines, and depending on where you want to put that extra length, may cause some body work changes.

The 60 degree V6's may be easier to fit, but I do like the idea of having a good, strong, reliable 4, such as you propose, in an MG.

Keep us posted on any findings if you pursue this project.
George B.

Mr. Wildormar,

Thanks for the reply.

I am going to look at it this weekend and will check the points you mentioned...

Here are the pictures the guy selling it sent me...

any thoughts?

here is the motor I would like to install...

I am not sure it will fit...

And does anyone have any ideas where to get a driver's side fender?

Thanks again,


Would an 1976 MGB be better for this type of conversion?

A í76 has indentations on the inner fenders, reworked firewall, less intrusive steering and lowered cross member (actually the body is propped up higher, but the effect is the same). So those changes make it easier to do any engine swap and a í77 or later would also have more room in the front with the repositioned radiator. The only drawback to using the later cars is that the emission requirement is a bigger hurtle, but probably not too bad with that motor.

You supplied some good pictures to help answer your question and I can say thatís a nice looking engine, but itís very bulky for a four-cylinder motor. It may fit if you are willing to do a lot of fabricating. Here are some trouble spots I seeÖ
1. The oil pan on the Nissan looks deep in the front, which would not fit over even the newer cross members. Ford guys notch the MGB cross member, but this looks like it would require redesigning the pan to be deep in the back and routing the pickup to the back and thatís only if the oil pump is not a problem.
2. The exhaust looks like it will foul the steering even on the later cars, but custom headers may solve that problem.
3. The MGB frame rails are not very wide apart where the alternator is located on that motor, but that may be repositioned.
4. The intake manifold looks very wide, much wider that the V8 in that area. Certainly the small indentations that the later cars have in the inner fenders wonít be much help here.

These are just what I see from the pictures. You could start measuring from the centerline of the motor to see how far it extends and do the same with the MGB motor in place. I would do an awful lot of measuring before spending any money.
George Champion

Mr. Champion,

Thanks for the insight!

I just check the engine and here are some figures...

1. Center of engine to outside edge of intake manifold: 14"

2. Center of engine to outside edge of exhaust manifold: 10"

3. Length of engine, water pump to bell housing: 24"

4. Height of engine, oil pan sump to top of valve cover: 28"

Does this make it a little clearer?



If all esle fails the engine sure is purdy.
The G

Thanks G!

That one is in the daily driver...the one I am going to use will look better...with no emissions BS on it!

hey everybody he's talking about a midget here not a "b".much less room to work with.

Actually Rob...

I have gave up on the Midget, I found a '76 MGB in much better shape and cheaper....The B has a siezed engine in it....

Thanks guys!

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