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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Oil cooler pipes

Hi all
Has anyone come across a problem where the oil pump to cooler pipe catches the chassis rail. I have the braided pipes and one of them the one from the pump to the cooler is extreemly difficult to fit and rubs on the chassis rail. any assistance would be appreciated
Michael Black


The Factory recognized this problem and made a modification to the chassis rail adjacent to the oil pump line connections, in the form of a "dent" in the chassis rail. At first I thought that this was a "home brew" modification to my car, but when I was visiting the UK in 1997 I checked out David Smith's Factory GT V-8, and his car also had the dent!

It looks like someone on the Abingdon line had the job to take about a 1" diameter steel bar, set the side of it against the upper edge of the chassis box section, and give it a good clout with a sledgehammer. The result is that the upper seam of the rail is bent over, giving a bit more clearance for the oil line.

The other thing that helps on the Factory cars is that the OEM oil lines have 45-degree angled ends where they fit onto the oil pump fittings, this helps position the lines clear of the rail.

Hope this helps,
Paul Kile
Paul Kile

Beat me to it Paul :-)


My new shell doesn’t have this ‘dent’ so it looks like Heritage don’t employ the guy from the Abingdon with a 1" diameter steel bar.

I had a similar problem as you but it was the pump to filter hose. This was too long by some 2 inches, the local hydraulic outfit cut it and replaced the fitting it then had plenty of clearance with the chassis rail.

Geoff King

Haven't got the factory V8 handy to compare, but my problem is that the top cooler hose gets hit by the cooling fan. I have had to utilise a hose clip to hold a bit more hose in front of the radiator shroud so it curves round the fan.

If the bloke at Abingdon did it lets hope he had an array of touch-up paint pots to hand as well.
Paul Hunt

Paul H.,

I'll bet all the V-8s went over to Geoff Allen in the Rectification Department for touch up!

BTW, will you be going to the MGCC Silverstone gathering in July? Karen and I will be there with David and Jackie Smith on Sunday the 21st, this will be the only MG-related thing we will be doing during this trip to the UK (Karen wouldn't stand for spending all our time at parts suppliers and breaker's yards!). Would like to see you and Jen if you are there.

Paul Kile

Paul Kile


I'll be there on the Sunday - BRG metallic V8 regn OVW 464M.

Feel free to come and chat if we are around the car - always parked in the V8 register area.
Chris Betson

PaulK - wasn't planning to as it's just before we have a few days away. Jen probably won't come down but I may well do, it isn't that far.
Paul Hunt

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