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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Oil Filter Adaptor vs. Remote Oil Filter?

I am finally to the point of beginning my V8 conversion. I am going to use the Buick 215 in my '67 BGT. I see that D&D has an oil filter adaptor, but have heard that it doesn't work very well (from 1 source). What can you guys that are using it tell me about your experiences? Do you prefer this or the remote oil filter? Thanks.

David A.

On my engine I use to use an angled adapter to clear frame and rack but I got tired of limited access when changing my filter. Also the filter was relativly small. I now use a remote filter. A small adapter lies where the filter use to be and I run the hoses up near the fender. This allows for a very clean and easy oil change plus I use a very large oil filter.This also allows for dual remote filters if you wish. Hoses, spin on adapter, filter base,filter, 50-75 bucks from your local parts place.

You might have a look at:
Also, there was quite a bit of discussion on previous threads. (Is there an archive still?)

Ooops. The caption I thought would go along with the linked photo should have explained it's a Buick motor in a '71 BGT utilizing a late model Buick V6 pump/valve housing. The V6 part points the filter at an angle. Depending on motor placement, you may not need any "adapter" at all. I provided a little clearance with a ball peen hammer. Filters spin on and off without contacting sheetmetal.
I needed a new pump/valve housing anyway since the V8 one was galled through the hard anodization. I don't have the part number here, but it should be in stock at your local dealer.

Well, when the factory put the 215 into the BGT they went to the trouble to use a remote oil filter up on the inner wing. Must have been darn good reasons - access and size of filter are both probables.
David Smith

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