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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Oil filter - angle altering instead of relocating

I've seen on someones site, about their Rover V8 into a MGB, that they used an oil filter adapter which turns it around so it cleared the antiroll bar and chassis leg instead of using a remote unit. Unfortunaley I've not made a note of the site. The links refered to a company in the States which supplied the adapter so it wasn't a "home made" device.
Anyone provide further details - supplier, web site I saw, price etc ?

Paul Humphries

D&D Fabrications make that filter adapter. It actually mounts to a buick "metric" pump base and swivels the filter to any degree where the filter will fit. Dan Lagrou is the guy to talk to, his website is

I'm stumped as to how you guys do this. My lower radiator hose passes right in front of the remote oil filter takeoff, and there isn't a chance you could fit an actual filter down there! If you have a pic, I'd love to see it.

If I understand correctly, its the swivel type. A picture of it can be seen here.

Huh. Maybe that would fit. It's really hard to say ... there's so little extra room in that area that I'm just kind of surprised it would work. Interesting. If someone has an as-installed photo of this setup, I'd like to see it.

Another picture of the filter set up from the D&D site.
You can see the filter at the top of the picture. If you need a closer one I can email you one

My Olds conversion uses D & D's swivel oil filter design - it truly works with plenty of clearance between steering rack, front sway bar and lower rad hose. Having said that, it's possible that your engine/rad position in the chassis may be different. Oil filter changes are a breeze from underneath and with no oil spillage from the filter on removal. If this sounds like a testimonial, it is - this set up made more sense to me than the standard remote site location on the inner wing panel.

It definitely works. I use it. From what I have seen at the British V8 Conventions quite a few of us do. I don't have the "startup rattles" that those using remote filters have been discussing, either.

The lower rad. hose is a close fit, though. It helps to use a 2 piece lower hose with a section of pipe as it passes by the swivel unit.

Although it won't work on factory V8 MGBs, somebody else may be able to do what I did: use the Buick "metric" oil pump without any adapter at all.

In this photo you're looking straight down into the bay of my '71 BGT with its 215 Buick motor (on home-made mounts) and a regular MGB radiator (modified with different radiator ports and fitted onto home-made mountings somewhat forward of stock). A few taps with a ball-peen hammer made extra room for the filter at its tip. I spill a little oil on the steering rack when I change filters, but filters spin on and off easily, nothing rubs, and I didn't need an adapter.

My oil filter is now mounted under the right hand front wing just behind the headlight. Leaves extra space in a crowded engine bay and also extremly easy to change the filter.

I think I have the cleanest oil filter setup around. I use the stock BOP front cover and the filter sits right between the steering rack and the swaybar. Using a small diameter filter, it clears the frame easily, and the 1 piece lower radiator hose runs down in front of it. As mentioned, engine positions differ. Mine is further forward than most.

Jim Blackwood

I'm using the D&D swivel unit (actually a S10 part, I think)and it works well. The lower radiator hose is a tight fit, but using two hoses with a 1 1/4 outside diametor pipe (a plumbing piece) between the two makes it work with a stock V8 radiator.

Curtis: Looks like you have your engine set back further than mine. The damper on mine it just forward of the steering rack. In fact the bottom of the front cover stradles the rack.

Al Wulf

Original question raised by UK driver.

Please correct me if I am wrong. The problem we have with RH drive cars is the columns as well as the rack.

Use a V6 3.8 oil adapter from a front wheel car or the early buick regal
Bill Guzman

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