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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Oil Filter P.N for D&D Swivel Adapter

Morgan: You called and I couldn't talk at the time. Couldn't find your email address. Here are the oil filter part numbers that fit the D&D Swivel adapter.

Purolator - L20173
AC - PF52
Jim Miller


According to the Purolator website, L20173 is an obsolete part only available until inventory is depleted.

I use PL24011, which is the Purolator Pure One version of the PF52.
Carl Floyd

I use a Bosch 3430.
Al Wulf

Hmmm, what's in your oil filter?

Seems that Bosch, Car and Driver, Champ, Deutsch, Lee, Lee Maxi, and STP are all made by Champion Laboratories, Inc. (NOT the same guys who make the spark plugs). Then again, they also make the Mobil 1 filter (much higher quality than the others, though).

Of course, we all know the horror stories about the quality of Fram filters. Did you know that Penzoil, Quaker State, and many OEM filters are Fram inside?

Oil filter info:
Carl Floyd

K&N,Pep boys brand, Jiffy lube and most oil change places use the cheap brand made by Fram.
I lost an engine due to a Fran filter. Racing type oil filter etc...
Bill Guzman

Stay with Mobil 1 or Wix. Wix is also available from NAPA as their "gold" filter with almost the same part number as Wix- they add one or two numbers. Wix is much cheaper than Mobil 1 and much easier to find.
Jim Stuart

Are you saying that the 12 dollar K & N oil filter is made by Fram ?


Pete Mantell

Jim, do you know the part # for the Wix filter or the derivative NAPA gold equivalent?
Mike Maloney

Short - 1040
Long - 1036

Bernie Posey

Good conversation on oil filters. Thanks Carl for the heads up on the Purolator part number change. I have a little list of all the filter part numbers that I carry with me that I need to update. Based on what I can conveniently purchase locally, Purolator is my brand of choice. I wonít use a Fram oil filter.

This guy did some independent research on oil filter quality. Itís interesting who is making which filter

Jim Miller

Thanks Jim..I actually had a filter in trunk. Does anyone know a part number for the swivel part gasket used on D&D's swivel adapter? Is this unit off a stock application with gaskets readily available?

Morgan Sellgren

Don't know, Morgan. It is supposed to be a stock Buick V6 gasket.
Carl Floyd

Thanks for the info Bernie. The Wix # is 51036 (just as Jim Stuart indicated)
Mike Maloney

The swivel unit is a modified part from a Chevy S-10, year unknown. It mounts to the Metric oil pump/filter adapter on the Buick/Rover engine with a round rubber gasket, available from the original oil filter. Internal gaskets are, presumably, S-10.
Jim Stuart


Maybe my memory is slipping. My adapter leaks at this same gasket. So, I asked Dan LaGrou. I thought for sure that he told me that it was a stock Buick V6 gasket. He said the center o has to be cut to install it.

Then again, maybe it's just old timers disease. ;)
Carl Floyd


The gasket I used on Dan LaGrou's swivel adapter is part number 12337894. I bought a replacement gasket from one of the local Chevy dealships. The description on my invoice which I had taped in a old D & D catalog is 12337894 GASKET, O 1.840.

Hope this helps.

Al Wulf

Thanks Al, got your pic off BBS....

Jim....Does this mean that the rubber gasket from a Buick/Rover oil filter would be an easy fix. Sounds too easy. The gasket it came with was paper I think.

Morgan Sellgren

I don't know about that one, Morgan. The thick rubber gasket may not stay seated well as you tighten it up.
Carl Floyd


Sorry, we are talking about 2 different gaskets.
Jim Stuart

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