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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Olds Quad4 MGB

A while back I read of someone who was installing an Olds Quad4 into an MGB. I think he was in Colorado. Does anyone have any information about this conversion and how well it worked in an MGB?
John Perkins

John, as you state, there was a thread discussing this swap some time back. It also mentioned a web site for a company which offered parts to convert the transverse engine to inline configuration but I don't remember the name. Check the archives. Never did hear how it worked out. From what I read there are quite a few special parts required and it didn't seem like a great deal to me with all the other engine options available in in-line configurations with 5 speeds attached.
Bill Young

Like this one?
The company that makes parts for Quad 4's is

Here is another one.

I had seen those sites and pictures. I wnated to contact someone who has done it to see what modifications they had to make to the MGB to fit the Quad4 and how well the car worked afterwards. I have tried searching the BBS, but couldn't find the thread that talked about the Quad4 swap. I'm seeing a lot of Quad4s in the junkyard recently and thought it might be and easier swap than a V8. The Quad4Rods website made it look like a neat engine to work with.
John Perkins

Without any opinion the Quad4 as a swap canidate, I think I can safely say there is no easier swap than a Buick/Olds/Rover V8 swap.

This is a very common swap with many suppliers and specialized part readily available, not to mention the books & "How to" articles. While there are several levels that these conversions reach, the basic conversion can be done by almost anyone with a few tools and minimum time. All that is requred is some reading and developing a plan that fits your budget.

A few years ago, one of the suppliers to this hobby advertised he could do a complete conversion on your rubber bumper MGB body in a weekend. This can really be a simple conversion, or as high tech & complicated as you wish.
Jim Stuart

John the quad four is indeed a nice engine, but unless you have a deep wallet or are good with electronics it's not going to be easy. Modern engine designs which were produced after the advent of electronic engine management systems are difficult to convert to more conventional ignition and induction systems. Any design that was produced prior to the electronics era usually can be retro-fitted with the earlier components to easy conversion. The Rover/Buick V8 and GM 60 degree V6 both fall into this catagory, as well as the Ford 302 V8. I put a V6 in my midget using the electronic fuel injection and computer and still took a long time figuring out all the wiring necessary and I've been working in electronics for nearly 40 years. Quad4Rods lists an intake and weber carbs, didn't check the price but I'd bet you're talking nearly a grand there and you haven't even started with the custom bellhousing or electronic ignition. You could probably pick up a running Camaro for that price and add a few hundred for Bill Guzman's kit and be done for a lot less.
Bill Young

Bill: I was thinking about fuel economy. I have been collecting the parts for a V8 conversion, but with gas at $3/gal. maybe a highly efficient 4 cylinder would be a better choice. Does anyone have a thought as to the potential mileage from a 215 V8?
John Perkins

My 1966 roadster with a mild 215 and 1990 Rover fuel injection varies from 27 to 29 mpg, depending upon my driving situation. This is a combination of 45% city & 55% beltway driving in the Washington, DC area. Situation is how big a beltway tieup I hit in te evenings.
Jim Stuart


That is world class mileage from this combo. I'm getting 24 mpg max on my factory car. Might be better if the OD worked properly, which it doesn't.

Tom Balutis


I usa a Chevy T-5 tranny with .63 overdrive in 5th gear, and this combines with the MGC 3.70 gear and 15" wheels to give a final drive ratio about equal to your factory car with working overdrive, assuming 3.00 rear, .78 O.D. & 14" wheels. Yes, overdrive does make a difference.
Jim Stuart

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