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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - On the road again!

First time in at least 12 years that this MGB/GT has been on the road....V8 conversion nearly complete!

3.9 litres of Rover V8...bored and stroked a tad.

BW T5 transmission

Ford 8" with Auburn posi 3.27

Fiero seats

Chrysler New Yorker Louvres

Buick side mirrors

A/C from Nostalgic Air

FastCars Inc front crossmember

Classic Conversion four link rear suspension

Superlite 15" wheels with Goodyear 205-60 tires

Chevrolet Blazer third brake light

Some blood, sweat, and tears

A very understanding spouse!

Rick Ingram

Good spec Rick and a nice looking car. Hope it goes as well as it looks. You have fitted the steering wheel on the wrong side though......
Mike Howlett

Rick, it looks great, but tell me have you got a fuel filler on the rear wing? Mike
J.M. Doust

Not on the rear wing, but in the stock position for the MGB and MGB/GT.
Rick Ingram

That's not a fuel filler but the side marker lamp that US spec cars were fitted with.
Mike Howlett

Rick, that was the other point I wanted to ask; You have Fiero seats, 'Pontiac fiero? ?' I would very much like to improve the seats on my GT, Mazda MX5 will fit but really you do not come across these frequently. And I am told MGF (the newer one) will fit. These actually might be more easily sourced. Mike
J.M. Doust

Yes..Pontiac Fiero.

Still found at wrecking yards here in the are Mazda Miata seats.

We have a rather difficult time finding any MGF seats here in the States.

The two owners that I know of are still using theirs.

Here's a picture of a set of Fiero seats that I recently recovered for a customer. They are headed up to Chicagoland for install into an MGB on Wednesday.

Rick Ingram

And here's the seats that I installed into my V8...

Rick Ingram

I've done several sets of Fiero seats, but no Miata seats as of yet.

The Buick Roadmaster MGB/GT V8 has a set of my seats; I will soon be starting a set for a customer in Arizona.

One more pic...of the seats I did for another customer:

Rick Ingram


You may want to rethink your sub strap location, slotting the seat bottom cushion to locate the strap a little closer to your ...ah....vegetables (see Red Solo Cup)

As currently located, the sub strap will let your hips slide down until the strap becomes effective, causing the lap belts to become 'torso belts'. In the event of heavy impact, the belts can cause significant internal injury.
Greg Fast

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