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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - One Thousand Photos

This morning the website passed another milestone... with a new "How It Was Done" piece on Dennis McIntyre's Ford 302 powered MGB, the website now stands at 1012 jpegs! (The "photo galleries" now feature 115 engine conversions. Those numbers don't even include all the photos and cars imbedded in the seventeen FREE downloadable newsletter back-issue pdf files!)

Of course, we all know "1000" is just beginning! There are LOTS more cars and photos out there. There are lots more nifty conversion parts and many, many more clever tricks to be shared too. And the website is rather short of photos of actual people...

So, this is YOUR invitation. PLEASE consider sending in your photos, your "How It Was Done" questionaire, and your suggestions.

Attending V8-2006? The next newsletter will feature several stories on the event... so please keep us in mind! We'd love to hear from you and see any photos you'd like to share from it. (I can't wait to see you there!)

Best regards,

p.s. Don't forget to check out Dennis's newly converted car at


This continues to be a GREAT website.

Thank you for your efforts...and of course the efforts of your predecessors and contributors!

rick ingram

Rick, you're so kind... but you just aren't giving me what I want! I think only one of the "three stooges" have ever submitted a "How-It-Was-Done" story, no? Not for long, though. I've printed copies of the questionaire, and I'll give one to you this weekend.

Curtis...please rephrase that comment!


You'll get yours....

OK, I'll rephrase my comment)....I'll send you some pictures....and I empty boxes and create a V8!

(Does it count that I've been on the coordinating side of two events...1999 and 2005.....each one set the bar for our meets just a little higher?!)


rick ingram

Had a look at the new site and it looks fantastic! Nice work.

I'll get some pics and text together on my Sebring roadster and send them in.

Simon Austin

Curtis, if you're interested in midgets with engine transplants you could link to mine. I posted it several years ago on the MG Engine Conversions site. Here's the link to my information,
Working on a MGA with a swap now, I'll send photos when it's closer to completion.
Nice site, by the way.
Bill Young

Would be glad to help. See you Sunday?
Bill Guzman

I've got an article for you on engine temp control. Where do you want it sent?

Jim Blackwood

Bill, I'm sorry to be so slow to reply... but now I'm back from Townsend. Of course we're interested in Midgets! I'll have a look and get back in touch with you if I get confused.

Jim, COOL!!! I can't wait to see the article! "Editor at british v8 dot com" will work... or you can use the other addresses on this website page:

Thanks guys!


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